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Regardless of the scale of your business, you need measures to monitor and manage the personnel that enter and exit your workplace premises. Even if the place is not usually bustling, you might need to manage an extensive crowd for an event or more privacy for discreet investors. In any case, you require visitor management system features that can suit multiple scenarios.

Throughout this piece, you’ll learn about a visitor management system, its key benefits for various industries, and how you can customise it to your needs.

What Is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system (VMS) features an integrated system to record and monitor all the people ingressing/egressing from the premises. Instead of conventional registers, you can present it to the visitors much sooner through a digital interface they can access from their preferred device. It can let them deliver the relevant data ahead of time and provide them with the credentials (like a QR code) to authorise access to the location.

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Industries Utilising Visitor Management System

Visitor management systems can be configured to fit almost any industry in existence. A few prominent ones that desire them the most include the following.

1. Manufacturing

Facilities that manufacture products use VMS to manage the shift of all employees. It helps them with managing the staff on all machines to keep up with the delivery orders. They also use it to manage the visits of contractors or guests to and from the facility.

2. Hospitality

When you have to greet visitors to a place of stay, it helps to make them feel confident and comfortable, especially those who avail of your business for the first time. An intuitive and well-designed VMS can do that. You can deliver a theme they are most comfortable with and mentally prepare them for the stay.

3. Commercial Workplaces

A VMS can assist with scheduling your workplace accordingly for regular employees or first-time visitors. You can allocate the resources much better, primarily when operating a hybrid model with co-working spaces.

4. Schools

A VMS in an educational institution can manage the students’ attendance without wasting time on lengthy role calls. You can also schedule counselling sessions with parents and medical personnel more effectively.

5. Hospitals

A VMS can prove valuable in checking emergency cases faster. Doctors can also schedule their appointments without issues and prioritise them as per the case severity.

6. Residential Properties

You can use an advanced VMS to interact with people even when you’re not home. It also allows you to schedule maintenance and work orders without significant breakdowns.

7. Events

No one likes a large crowd at the entrance of a social event. An effective visitor management system can make the check-in process swift without inconveniencing the attendees. You can also use it to analyse whether any require additional medical assistance.

8. Malls

When you have a VMS at most entry points, you can customise your customer’s experience by delivering details on the latest deals and redirecting them to new stores within the premises.

Key Benefits

Now that you know the practical aspects of a visitor management system, let’s examine the key benefits it brings to any situation.

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Securing Offices and Institutions

A VMS maintains security by tracking the location of all employees/attendees without invasive surveillance. You can also use access control that authorises their access to specific areas.

Management of Manufacturing Establishments

When integrated with the asset tracking software, you can make the most of the machinery you have at your facility. You can alert personnel of hazards and speed up repairs without involving operational shift timings.

Reception Declutter

A good VMS allows you to reduce the literature in your lobby. You can provide the necessary brochures and presentations straight on the visitor’s system, which they can examine from the comfort of their home or transport.

Lower Operational Costs

When you better manage the visitors to your site, it increases your potential to coordinate resources and prevent wasteful expenses. These include renting meeting rooms, printing presentation material, reducing energy usage, etc.

Real-Time Tracking and Insight Generation

A challenge most commercial spaces face is keeping an account of all the people within the facility without invading their privacy. A VMS provides a customised tracking beacon you can use to get the required data onto a secure server.

Boost Efficiency, Minimise Errors

With constant data updates and automated reporting, there is a very low probability of misidentification. You can prepare your staff in advance to greet any visitors and make adequate arrangements without misses.

Data Privacy and Compliance Readiness

With emerging variants of COVID, many people dread the lockdowns returning. Your facility can minimise the spread by using contactless systems that you’ll learn about in the proceeding section.

Available Integrations with Visitor Management System

Your VMS can incorporate several systems, and you can choose the ones that best suit your premises. A few prominent ones are as follows.

Facial Recognition and Other Biometrics Access Control

Biometrics prevent the vulnerability of other electronic access control methods, such as keypads and magnetic cards. Without investing in high-end tech, no one can replicate your facial features or thumbprints.

Digital Access Controls

In addition to gateways, you can use access controls for other smart devices, such as:

  • Smart Lockers: Providing storage spaces for securing personal belongings at a public site.
  • Smart Mailrooms: Filtering and separating all the mail without human intervention.

VMS Mobile Apps

Creating an app allows you to include several visitor management system features that you may find relevant to your operations. It can be invaluable to employees working from home who might not possess office-issue hardware.

Self-Service Kiosks

You can install self-service stations that free up the resources and staff to redirect them for more essential functions.

Room and Desk Booking

Your VMS can book rooms and desks to ensure they’re available for the people at the time slot they need.

Parking Management System

Using ALPRs (Automatic License Plate Readers), you can manage the coming and going of all the vehicles in the parking lot, avoiding confusion and bottlenecks during rush hour.

Turnstile Integration

You can utilise turnstile checkpoints to only let authorised personnel through designated areas. It’s less expensive than slide-open doors and faster than manual register checks.

Lift Integration

Integrating your VMS within the lifts provides you additional access control. You can use it to smoothen the movement of personnel and have more flexibility with the building design.

QR Code Scanners

QR scanners allow you to make your VMS truly contactless. You can issue static QR codes to permanent employees and dynamic QR codes to temporary contractors.

Card Access Readers

Card readers let you monitor check-ins remotely for a lower cost and fewer identification parameters.

Temperature Scanning

Thanks to advances in remote technology, you can use a thermal scanner at the entrance to verify the health condition of each employee. Sure, they may be overly enthusiastic about turning up, but that doesn’t mean exposing your entire staff to potential infections.

Attendance Management System

Attendance for work or school has come a long way from registers and punching cards. You can upload the attendance on a cloud for all personnel to observe without fear of interference or manipulation.

Summing Up

While the possibilities with visitor management system features are endless, choosing the exemplary service that can cater to your requirements is up to you. Qbasis can be an excellent choice without significantly scaling your budget. Check out our official page for the latest in asset tracking and visitor management systems.

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