Enhance Workplace Security With a Visitor Management System

As businesses worldwide continue to grapple with traditional security measures and extraneous reception-handling costs, modern technology already has a solution: Visitor Management System security. Security is the paramount concern of any company. Many people visit a company’s premises daily, from delivery persons to employee relatives. Using traditional security measures like log sheets is always open to employee mistakes and takes up a lot of resources.

A visitor management system (VMS) can help you control who has access to your workplace and maintain a secure environment. It is a type of security system used to regulate and monitor visitors’ access to your premises. A visitor management system helps you reduce any overhead costs on specific hardware or personnel. Meanwhile, it enables a streamlined method of enrolling visitors and storing their information in a data privacy-compliant way.

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Working of a Mobile Visitor Management System Security

A mobile visitor management system equips a visitor to enrol on your premises using only a mobile application. The mobile application for a visitor management system is a sure-shot way to keep a hassle-free track of temporary employees, visitors, contractors, and suppliers. All any company needs to do is own visitor management software or dedicated hardware for admin control. Then, they’ll be able to manage all facets of the visitor process, including scheduling, invitations, security, and even temporary staff payroll. 

Moreover, a workplace’s security becomes unassailable with robust visitor management system deployment options. These options can be on-site, in the cloud or a hybrid setup. Most mobile visitor management systems provide a single database and multi-site visitor system using encrypted communications. This enables visitors to enrol in a company using this app, which digitises and automates the company’s overall process.

How Visitor Management System Enhances Security

Let’s look at the multi-faceted aspects of leveraging a VMS

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Real-time Monitoring of Visitors Coming in and Out of the Premise

VMS enables businesses to monitor visitors in real-time, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access the premises. In addition, VMS can help businesses track visitors’ movement within the premises, allowing them to respond quickly in an emergency. VMS is an essential security measure for any business or organisation that needs to monitor and control access to its premises.

Allows Pre-screening Of Visitors

Many VMS systems offer pre-screening capabilities. This identifies visitors on a banned list or who have not been authorised to enter the premises. VMS systems can also generate alerts if an unauthorised visitor attempts to gain entry. In addition, VMS systems often include at-a-glance identification features, such as badge prints or photo ID displays, which can help security personnel quickly and easily identify visitors.

Allows Contactless Check-in

Some VMS solutions also offer contactless check-in, which can help reduce the possibility of unnecessary contact and possibly, stop the spread of infections. Contactless check-in allows visitors to scan a QR code or badge to check in rather than physically signing a paper logbook.

Connect Access Control Systems for Custom Access

If you’re wondering, ‘how is a visitor management system security oriented?’ Well, a visitor management system can help regulate access control by integrating existing access control systems. They can be integrated with hardware such as turnstiles, lifts, and door access controls for better-fortified security. Furthermore, VMS can be customised to allow or deny access based on various factors, such as time of day, visitor type, and visit purpose.

Data Reporting and Analytics Can Help With Incident Response 

VMS can also help with security planning and ensure that the right staff are on hand in the event of an incident. Moreover, organisations can identify potential issues before they occur by analysing trends and taking steps to mitigate any risks. In case of an emergency, the system can also generate an emergency roll call for all visitors on the premise.


A visitor management system security tool is an excellent way to enhance workplace security and keep employees, tenants, or visitors safe. You can make sure that only authorised personnel have access to your workplace. Not only will this help keep your employees safe, but it can also help you maintain control over your premises and mitigate any potential risks.

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