Maximising The Use Of Visitor Management Systems At Manufacturing Facilities

A manufacturing plant is a large, mechanical organism that requires all of its components to work in perfect harmony. While there have been many suggestions and regulations to make them more eco-friendly, one aspect often gets left off the table: a digital visitor management system.

Manufacturing companies have to focus on several aspects regarding the staff of their facilities. A crucial one is monitoring the identity and status of all personnel. Transitioning to a digital visitor management system can yield several potential benefits. A few notable ones include the following.

1. Streamlined and Convenient Check-Ins

Using digital systems makes it easier to avoid the rush at the start and end of each shift by speeding up the check-in process. Whether using biometrics or contactless systems (such as QR codes or facial recognition), you don’t need to check punching cards or written registers that are comparatively easier to manipulate.

Asian Workers with improved management through digital visitor management system

2. Improved Form Management

In case you need to change your work policy or just have new visitors on-site, it can be tedious to provide them with lengthy forms like feedback surveys or NDAs. With a digital visitor management system that runs through their smartphones, you can wirelessly provide them with the required forms while collecting the responses in real time.

It is also a convenient procedure to issue warnings and notifications if there is a massive hazard at the facility.

3. Custom Badge Printing

Lean manufacturing calls for managers to have a precise idea of where every person in the plant is supposed to be. With custom badge printing for every visitor and employee, you can conveniently track their movements throughout the plant.

The system alerts you when a sensor goes off if personnel breach their authorised perimeters. Moreover, it’s a less invasive method to exercise boundary restrictions without violating the privacy of any individual.

4. Host Notifications

A digital visitor management system can integrate daily schedules and meetings. That data is instantly relayed to the host, who can plan to adjust other tasks within the day. Furthermore, the system alerts the host when guests arrive at the entrance or the reception. They can then be greeted accordingly without wasting too much time in the waiting room.

5. Watch Lists

Unauthorised or unscheduled personnel create tension with the security and integrity of any workplace. More so for a manufacturing facility containing sensitive equipment for a significant industry. An advanced visitor management system can assist them quite a bit.

Security administrators can set up watch lists to ensure that people with that group get restricted access. The system sends the alert to all concerned personnel if it detects anyone on that list within the plant premises. It also allows more convenient monitoring of visitors that deviate from their specific path in the absence of any supervision.

Manager engineer male close up in manufacturing factory.Industry,Architect and engineering concept.


A rugged VMS is a must-have if you want to make things more convenient for both the employees and the visitors. Regardless of the scale of your manufacturing facility, it can only operate at total capacity when you determine that the authorised people remain where they’re supposed to be. For the best VMS solutions, be sure to check out QBasis for a free quote.

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