Warehouse Management System

Manage your warehouse and inventory effectively, automate your warehouse processes, and reduce operational costs with tailor-made solutions and integrations.

Warehouse Management System

Manage your warehouse and inventory effectively, automate your warehouse processes, and reduce operational costs with tailor-made solutions and integrations.

10X Warehouse Productivity

Improve inventory turnaround, implement stock controls, enhance, and supercharge operations with enterprise mobile terminals. With specialized solutions and integrations, you can effectively manage your warehouse and inventory, automate your warehouse operations, and cut operational expenses.

Complete solution with printers, labels, and mobile scanners

We plan, choose and integrate specialized hardware for your warehouse or factory plant with you.

  • Rugged, dust, water and weather-proof IP67 Android mobile sets
  • NFC, RFID, 1D, 2D barcode scanning modules
  • Custom labels – resin, wax, thermal and heat transfer with desktop or industrial grade high volume printers
  • Customized label layouts, with software direct print to network and mobile printers

Flexible and easy-to-use mobile scanner app integration

Your workflow matters. We understand, plan and implement mobile solutions with your team, to empower ground operators.

  • Integrated mobile hardware scanners or software camera scanners speed up workflow, reduce errors
  • A simple and intuitive interface reduces user errors. Well-tested and easy to use for senior workers
  • Customisable workflows and user roles for compliance and strict controls
  • Synchronized data with cloud inventory and warehouse management system for real-time tracking

Scalable, smart warehouse management system solution

Flexible deployment tailor-fit to client requirements, with scalable, smart features for compliance and growth. Workflows and user roles that can be customized for compliance and stringent controls. Real-time tracking using synchronized data with cloud inventory and warehouse management systems.

Data privacy & compliance readiness

Key Features

Digitise Product Library

Digitise inventory management. By just scanning the barcode, the item can easily be added to the inventory.

Create Purchase Orders

WMS makes it simple to manage procurements by storing all of your suppliers’ information in one location and syncing it to actual inventory levels.

Receiving and Putaway

WMS-integrated scanning equipment optimizes receipt and points employees to the ideal shelf location.

Stock Level Control

WMS monitors several warehouses for low product levels and alerts users. Automates reordering and cycle counting for inventory control.

Sales Orders Management

Integrating eCommerce platforms with your WMS lets you manage orders from several channels in one location.


WMS sorts and prints list by bin, order date, SKU, etc. Mobile devices or voice systems can help workers find merchandise.


Generates reports on the fly. Offers many ways to track and generate business reports.

Storage & Location Control

Location control is essential in warehousing, especially if you store different commodities or for several clients.


WMS sorts and prints list by bin, order date, SKU, etc. Mobile devices or voice systems can help workers find merchandise.

“The mobile application is simple and it’s easy to learn and navigate. It’s also highly flexible and integrates well with RFID scanners.”


“Very nice features. Easy to use and highly customisable. It fitted well to our processes.”


General Manager

Customisable workflows and user roles for compliance and strict controls.

“It has robust features. The sales order management module helped us a lot in digitising and automating our processes.”


Warehouse Manager

“The onboarding team is very helpful and efficient in making sure everything is ready before deployment. Definitely a good investment.”


Warehouse Manager

Complete solution with robust integrations

Choose & integrate specialized hardware for a more robust WMS. Automate workflows from picking to delivery tracking.

  • Android Mobile Sets/Scanners
  • Dynamic DWS
  • Sorting Systems
  • Label Printers

Use Cases

All-in-one solution for your visitor management needs

We help businesses optimise their processes and drive business efficiency, wherever possible

Have full control of your inventory – keep information organised, tracked, and documented. It speeds up logistics and operations with faster data capture, digitised process, minimising errors

Boost operational efficiencies

Automate manual warehouse processes with powerful integrations and mobility solutions. Track and manage inventory operations anytime, anywhere on the mobile.

Higher visibility of processes & inventory

Track and manage warehouse operations on the go, increase visibility in tracking. Create notification triggers and thresholds, via preferred channels (SMS, email, WhatsApp, etc.)

Scalable solution for easy compliance

Deploying a scalable, web-based, inventory and warehouse management software solution. Flexible deployment, depending on client requirements.

Reduce input errors and discrepancies

Digitising processes, moving away from manual work, and reducing input errors. Streamline inventory ordering and lower the risk of human error by automating processes.



What is a warehouse management system (WMS), and what does it do?

A warehouse management system serves to organize, plan, and optimize warehouse operations. The system’s goal is to ensure that you can provide the appropriate goods at the right time while optimizing efficiency and cost.

What are the advantages of using a warehouse management system?

The following are some of the advantages of a warehouse management system: (1) Real-time access to quality data gives you more visibility throughout your supply chain, (2) Labor costs are reduced as a result of efficient labor allocation, (3) Optimized warehouse layout Improved inventory accuracy, (4) Increased warehouse flexibility and responsiveness improved warehouse safety and security, (5) Improved supplier partnerships and customer service levels

When do you need a warehouse management system and why?

When your workload and client order needs surpass your capacity to manually satisfy demand using basic tools like spreadsheets, or if your ERP is not flexible and versatile enough to accommodate those requirements, warehouse management solutions are utilized.

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