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  • Benefits of Turnstile Access Control
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Visitor Management and Turnstile Access Control Systems

Businesses often request for visitor management with access control systems. In fact, this is one of the most popular requests these days. Access control restricts access to certain people.   The system can use either ID cards, barcodes, QR codes or biometrics to give access. They go a long way in increasing security for any building. However, access control systems work better with turnstiles or speed gates.

Turnstile Access Control and How it Works 

turnstile acts a small gateway. It controls the flow of people inside a building. Further, it usually only moves in one direction. It uses ratchet mechanism that allows rotation of the gate in one direction. However, this same mechanism prevents it from turning the other way.

Additionally, turnstiles only work after a certain payment is made. In public places, this usually come in the form of coins, tokens or tickets. But, in a business building, this could be a number of biometric or ID card options.

Benefits of Turnstile Access Control

Turnstile access control presents a lot of benefits compared to VMS with no access control integrations. With the help of the mechanism, it provides higher security for the people in the building. And here are some of the reasons why:

Limited Flow of People

Unlike other security measures, a turnstile allows for one person to go through at a time. This limits the possibility of someone entering without ID. Moreover, the flow of people only move in one direction. Either they are entering the building or exiting it. This is easy to see with turnstile access control systems. Through this, the building avoids the swarm of large crows near the entrances and exit points.

Increased Efficiency

In relation to the limited flow of people, turnstiles increase efficiency. With single-filed lines, the entrances will remain organised. Additionally, the system allows for people inside the building to be counted. Every entrance or exit helps the system keep track of how many individuals are present. As a result, roll call lists are available in case of emergencies. The system provides a list of individuals within the building. Then, security can use this to check if people are safe in case of any incidents.


Turnstile access controls use steel or polycarbonate. This means that the equipment lasts for a long time. It might seem like an expensive investment, but it helps you reduce costs in the long run.

Alarm Notifications

Turnstile access control systems come with alarm notifications. This is set off when unwanted people enter the building. The system sends out a notification and gives off an alarm. As such, security is quickly alerted to any dangerous or trespassing individuals.

Types of Turnstiles

Waist-High Turnstile 

As the name implies, this turnstile stands at the height of a person’s waist line. This turnstiles usually come with three revolving arms. Further, this turnstiles are very dependable. And they require little maintenance.

Full-Height Turnstiles

Full height turnstiles provide the highest level of security security. These turnstile access control system comes with steel arms attached to a rotating post. So they are impossible to breach. Additionally, they are designed to allow one person at a time. Then, they automatically lock after a person enters.

Optical Turnstiles

This turnstile access control system is a little more sophisticated. It uses optical beams. These beams electronically determine if a person passes through the lane. Then, it checks if the person provided the proper credentials. Once it determines that the person passed, barriers automatically shut in place. This prevents other people from tailgating after them.

Increasing the security of your building or warehouse is always important. With many turnstile options available, this is not a problem. Furthermore, turnstiles allow entry and exit inside buildings to be efficient. An added perk comes with their durability and variety. For any questions about VMS or  turnstile access control systems, contact Qbasis today!

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