Visitor Management System

Reliable and highly scalable, Qbasis Visitor Management System automates visitor registration by leveraging well-tested processes that work together optimally.

Visitor Management System

Reliable and highly scalable, Qbasis Visitor Management System automates visitor registration by leveraging well-tested processes that work together optimally.

Real-time visitor tracking insights

Generate useful insights based on visitor movements and develop a wide knowledge base of visitors. Make your visitors feel right at ease with an elegantly uncomplicated visitor management system that will keep your workplace secure while giving your front desk an extra boost of power.

Multiple access identifier

Offers a wide range of access identifier options. These identification modes can also be configured according to one-time or multiple usages, day or time-based rules. Including but not limited to:

Barcode/QR Code
Facial Recognition
Fingerprint/ Palmprint Recognition
Turnstile Access Control System for Visitor Management Security

Extensible Hardware Integration

Integrates with a wide range of access control systems and emergency alert systems. Experience seamless integration with robust physical security control and hardware such as:

  • VMS self-service kiosk
  • Integration of a turnstile
  • Integration of lift access
  • Integration of a card collector and a dropbox
  • Programming package for PLC controllers
  • Integration of a label maker with a label printer

Increase security, lower risks

Meets compliance mandates here in Singapore (e.g. PDPA) for collecting and auditing guest information. Secured capturing of legal documents like passports, ID cards, and photo capture with encrypted storage. It also allows digital signatures.

Data privacy & compliance readiness

Flexible deployment with scalable, smart features

Multiple Access Identifier

Barcode/QR code, PIN, facial recognition, Bluetooth, NFC, fingerprint

Deploy Tools

Can be deployed on-premise, on the cloud, standalone network, or hybrid

Open for Integration

Integration with various work suites, Office 365, G Suite, LDAP

Offers 24/7 Support

Offers 24/7 remote support and comprehensive support plans


Setup to provide system high availability with low downtime by having redundancies

PDPA Compliance

Singapore NRIC/ID card barcode scan to entry with barcode scanner

Real-time Notifications

Notifications sent via preferred channel: email, SMS, push notification on the mobile app, softphone, and more

Hardware Integration

Turnstile, lift systems, dropbox, PLC controller programming kit for device automation, label builder

Customisable Workflow

Automate workflows, digitises forms, customisable screens, and databases.

Enterprise Compliance

For enterprise-level security, compliance, high-availability/ redundancy, and support

NDA Signing Module

Automated legal document signing. Secured, NDA signing module

Pre-registration Module

Visitors/guests to be able to pre-register using the URL registration link

Kiosk Management

Add and remove kiosk registration devices when necessary

Audit Trails

Audit log for all database record changes records user and timestamp of creation/modification/deletion


Block and in-system notification of multiple attempt failures at any access points

Banned List Management

Add and remove visitors on the banned list

Fields Customization

One-time customisation and setup of visitor fields and preregistration form (mobile phone number date of birth, company, etc)


Easy search and export of required visitor details by visitor fields and sign-in/sign-out date time in CSV format

User Management

User account management allows the admin to create and manage multiple operator accounts with custom access for security

Automatic Backups

Scheduled daily encrypted database backup to secondary storage (SD Card or secondary hard drive depending on selected hardware)

Guests were delighted. The VMS solution automated our visitor management processes and equipped our staff with smart solutions.

Experience faster guest distinction and identification, and speed up check-in and check-out processes.

“Very simple and easy to use.”


Building Manager

“It decluttered our lobby and helped our processes be compliant with PDPA.


General Manager

“Our check-in and check-out became simpler and more secure. Our guests and tenants benefited well from this upgrade!”


Hospitality Manager

Integrates with physical access controls for a more robust security

Qbasis Visitor Management System can integrate with a variety of access control and emergency alert systems. Experience seamless integration with powerful hardware and control for physical security.

In partnership with  Robert Bosch Pte Ltd

File:Bosch-logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Self-service Visitor Registration Kiosks

Turnstile Integration

Door Access Control System Integration

Lift Access Control Integration

Use Cases

All-in-one solution for your visitor management needs

Customisable workflow

Automate workflows, boost operational efficiency, and increase the visibility of visitor management processes by having a comprehensive and robust visitor management system


Fast search and filter of visitors, guests and visit history

Records Retrieval 

Speed up the registration process with batch visitor pre-registration.

Mobile registration

Ruggedised mobile terminal for visitor management and verification on the go.

Emergency Roll Call

One-click, printable roll call list of visitors still on the premise in case of emergencies or evacuation

Send Real-Time Notifications

Create notification triggers and thresholds, via the preferred channel such as email, SMS, push notification on the mobile app, softphone, or Whatsapp

Flexible deployment with scalable, smart features

Flexible deployment tailor-fit to client requirements, with scalable, smart features for compliance and growth

Deployment options

Available in on-premise deployment, on-the-cloud deployment, standalone network, or hybrid (on-premise and on-the-cloud)

High-availability setup

The system can be set up with high availability and low downtime by having redundancies in place

Seamless integration

Integrates seamlessly with various third-party applications and work suites such as Office 365, G Suite, LDAP.

24/7 Customer Support

Offers 24/7 remote support & comprehensive support plans



What are some uses for visitor management software in businesses?

Businesses utilize visitor management software to make a great first impression while maintaining the security of all the personnel, assets, and data within their business. Workplace teams can gather the necessary data from guests and confirm their identities using visitor management software before allowing them to enter the building.

Do visitor management systems offer integrations with physical security or access control systems?

Qbasis VMS integrates with physical access control systems such as turnstiles, lifts, door access control systems, self-service registration kiosks and more. The client can specify requirements that visitors must complete in order to pass the registration processes.

What are the customisations available for Qbasis VMS?

There are lots of customization opportunities with Qbasis VMS. To provide a unified experience for visitors, brand all communications with your business. For different visitor types, such as contractors, clients, candidates, or vendors, you can also design unique sign-in processes. Set up each and every aspect of the registration process, including entrance requirements, flow logic, admin roles, approval standards, notification preferences, and more.

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