Understanding The Technology Behind A Contactless Visitor Management System

With the pandemic cooling off, several such businesses might wish to save on the annual budget and revert to a contact-based VMS for your organisation. However, preferring a contactless visitor management system can yield several benefits to enhance your visitors’ experience, both on and off-site.

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn about the technologies that make it possible to create digital touchless visitor management software and hardware. Moreover, you’ll also examine the various advantages it brings to the table.

What Is Touchless Access Control?

A man scanning an RFID card to a kiosk for touchless access control in contactless visitor management.

In terms of a visitor management system, touchless access control (TAC) is the methodology for applying the relevant systems to eliminate the need for physical contact when identifying an individual. It involves registering all authorised personnel, real-time monitoring (including check-ins and working hours), and automation of access points such as turnstiles and slide-open doors.

You no longer need to swipe a card or fill in your details with security. TAC allows any organisation to manage their visitors and employees without much investment. It is also a viable option for coworking spaces, where there is rarely a regular schedule for the seating arrangements and shift durations of all the employees.

Technologies Behind Contactless Visitor Management Solutions

Contrary to popular belief, the technology for contactless VMS has been around for quite some time. It was only when the pandemic hit that it increased in scale, which allowed for further development and optimisation. Today, you can avail of the following components.

Touchless Cards and QR Readers

With the advancements in RFID, touchless cards are quickly replacing magnetics. They last for far longer, and it’s easier to reprogram them for a new ID. With the popularity of smartphones, QR codes are also a viable identification option. QR scanners are convenient to set up in public and private spaces, allowing businesses to go further by introducing hyperlinking to provide sufficient data to new visitors.

Facial Recognition

Using unique features is much more cost-effective than issuing security passes. The technology to recognise faces has come far beyond its early days. Laser depth analysis can recognise the permanent features, even as a person changes their looks over time. It also prevents malicious individuals from using photographs to trick visitor management software.

A man scanning a temperature scanner to a visitor for a contactless visitor management process

Temperature Scanner

Although most firms are well out of the COVID restrictions, there are still emerging diseases that corporations need to keep in check from spreading too far. Since most have a fever as a telltale sign, temperature scanners can help determine the contactless visitor management system in which patients require more thorough tests.

Thermal scanners are effective for coworking spaces with employees from different firms working in separate shifts. Those who come in sick can be assigned to an isolated area without affecting their workflow or spreading the contagion to others.

Digital People Counting Software

You can integrate digital people counting software with your organisation’s VMS for more secure check-ins. It can track the number of people within your office premises or any specific area in real-time, providing the perfect balance between security and privacy for visitors and employees.

Queue Management Software

No one likes waiting in line to fulfil a task. Removing even a few minutes off the wait times can substantially enhance the customer and employee experience. it helps uplift their general mood and morale. A queue management software, made prominent within retail stores, can help achieve that.

You can integrate it with your VMS and prioritise quick or detailed identification. The best part is that, with the appropriate system, you don’t require additional entrance spaces, allowing for streamlined security and emergency protocols.


The world is becoming more inclined towards maximising the efficiency of any workplace. Thus, you must use the best tools to keep track of all individuals within your office premises. A contactless visitor management system can help you do that, taking lessons from the pandemic times and building on them to keep things secure yet accessible.

We hope this piece helped you learn about the technologies behind it. For the best solutions for commercial spaces, connect with Qbasis and get a free quote today.

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