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Fixed Asset Tracking and Stock Management made simple with Qbasis’ Asset Tracking System Software

What is an Asset Tracking System?

An Asset Tracking and Management System software helps to maximise a company’s asset value by optimising asset usage, distribution, and maintenance. It provides an organisation with a common system for collecting, coordinating, and updating asset data.

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Fixed Asset and Stock Inventory

  • A fixed asset represents a durable equipment owned by a company such as machinery, computers, tools, and the like. For tracking and maintenance purposes, each of these assets has a unique barcode identifier.

  • A warehouse consumable stock inventory is tracked by a common stock item number or SKU identifier that is used for all products within a specific line. They can be tracked by batch, lot, or by serial numbers then a specific batch.

Key Benefits

With a competent and reliable asset tracking system, your organisation can continuously improve its operations by taking care of its high-valuable assets. It can also identify underperforming assets and generate insights on how to improve them to further contribute to the overall health of the company.

Build Asset and Space Inventory

Build your company’s digital library of asset inventory stocks, internal spaces, equipment, and other resources

Office Space and Asset Tracking

Track how the stocks, spaces, assets, and resources is being utilised. Get notified when a certain section is low on office supply


Preventive Maintenance

Schedule and keep track of maintenance visits and add duration to block a specific area

File Reports for Faulty Asset

Send reports for warehouse maintenance, faulty equipment, or short-supply of stocks

Generate Insights for Resource Allocation

Identify and convert under-utilised spaces to optimise the use of all resources

Study Room Booking Patterns

Analyse booking behaviour to learn more on spaces and assets that the company needs more

Customisable Features

Coordinate with Qbasis for customisable features tailor-fit on your organisation’s workflow and needs

Mobile Scanner Integration

Faster and accurate data capture of asset information through assignment of barcodes and RFID tags for equipments and stock

Supports Multiple Offices

Add and manage multiple office locations on-the-go. Web portal and mobile app available for employees showing a comprehensive chief inventory.

Visualise and Track Company Assets On-the-Fly

Asset Tracking System Singapore – Achieve greater visibility of your valuable assets’ location, status, and management updates

How it works

Take Control of Your Valuable Assets, Boost Efficiency and Eliminate Asset Tracking Errors

Increase input accuracy and speed up data capture – streamline task of compiling list of assets and maintenance schedules

  • Manage the complete life cycle of purchase orders with a structured approval and delivery process

  • Track assets in real time (using GPS, RFID tags, and more)

  • Understand asset relationships better – create pre-defined custom relationship types

Generate Valuable Insights from Digital Asset Library

Helpful in forecasting – obtain a visual view of asset relationships and generate valuable insights from patterns shown

  • Maintain a complete product catalog of all assets owned by the company with price and warranty details.

  • Capture and store critical and comprehensive asset information

  • Map asset relationships between people, assets, and other configuration items.

Improve Asset Governance

Improve asset governance – monitor number of delivery or installations, license types, license expiration, compliance status, and more

  • Set stock thresholds – utilize asset management modules in setting company protocols

  • Be able to schedule maintenance and or preventive maintenance

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