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Happiness is the root of what we do here at Qbasis. With every interaction, be it amongst our team, partners or customers, we want to leave everyone in a better position

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We believe that everyone has an opportunity to shine. Even if you’re fresh out of school, without experience, we can provide 4-6 Months On-Job-Training with real projects and mentorship.

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We believe in continuous learning and becoming better craftsmen. We have shared digital library resources with frequent book purchases for each and everyone to better hone their craft.

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Discover how Qbasis can help drive efficiency and boost productivity in your day-to-day operations and be up-to-date with helpful resources and industry best practices

The Importance of RFID in Healthcare Inventory for Hospice Efficiency

There’s a huge significance of RFID technology in healthcare inventory management for hospice efficiency. RFID enables real-time tracking and monitoring of medical equipment, medications, and supplies, streamlining workflows and reducing errors. Utilising RFID tags allows hospices to optimise inventory levels, save costs, prevent waste, and offer personalised patient care.

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