Protect your Area with Visitor Management System’s Security Features


  • RFID for a secured door access
  • Badges to spot visitors and verify unfamiliar faces
  • Facial recognition for faster records retrieval

Security is fundamental when accommodating visitors and is always an element in running a business, especially in the corporate world. Guests come and go from time to time, resulting in a long visitor list queuing at the reception.

Making the engagement with visitors a lot faster, labour-saving and cost-effective. Migration from an ordinary and old fashioned type of process to a modernized one. Moreover, this system can function with passport scanners, national ID readers and standard document scanners or OCR.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is widely used in different types of applications. And visitor management industry embraced this type of technology to make the system more secure.

Full integration with Access Control System makes the visitor management system become more user-friendly and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

Visitor Badges in VMS

In today’s innovation, visitor badges take place and serve as the guests’ tokens. Here you can do customization of your company logo. A more professional approach to the check-in process.

Visitor badges are a great way of informing you that a visitor or guest is on company premises. In that way, it would be easier to identify and the badge serves as an assurance that no unauthorized person can get in.

Customized visitor badges can be done through the information that visitors have fed to the Kiosks, tablets or PCs where the VMS is installed. Also, the time that the visitor has checked in can also be added.

Facial Recognition in VMS

Face recognition enhances the efficiency and accuracy of visitor management systems in terms of security and identification process.

Tracking and monitoring visitors manually can cause a lot of problems as the visitor might go lurking on the writings in the logbook to see someone inside but in fact, he/she is about to do something such as spying, or data stealing and other illegal activities. You need a system that will automatically do the tracking for you with a real-time report and easy retrieval of personal information from the database.

Imagine a system that tracks the behaviour and when something wrong is up, you can easily recognize who is liable for that event. And the faces captured, can come out with the full details of that person through the ID, passport or documents scanned during his/her check-in.

An advanced Visitor Management System offers integration with a customer relationship management system or CRM. Where matching your visitor’s sign-in experience to your central platform can be used for boosting sales and marketing services.

Not to mention, Facial Recognition is also a way of enhancing the corporate brand image. The visitor check-in process has now been simplified and made quicker ever than before.

Visitors are the company’s future revenue. Each of them represents an opportunity, that’s why it is very important to make a good impression.

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