Smart Toolbox Overview

For a technology that first originated during WWII, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has had quite a winning streak. Recent statistics show it can grow to more than SGD 19 billion worldwide by 2026. One practical aspect that can assist with inventory management is the smart toolbox.

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn what smart cabinets are and how they’re effective in various scenarios.

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What Are RFID Smart Cabinets?

Smart cabinets give you more control over your tools by tracking them with RFID. Each tool can have a microchip that transmits its status in real time or determine inventory count by weight. The onboard system scans the employee ID automatically and alerts you if the tool remains outside the box after a specified time. The system supports cloud-based software that you can access from any digital device.

Depending on your budget and convenience, the box can identify each inventory electronically using RFID, NFC, biometrics, barcodes, or a swipe card. A single scanner can last several months without maintenance and swipe hundreds of cards per second.

You can issue a smart cabinet straight from the supplier or upgrade your current inventory with the necessary upgrades.

Industry Use of RFID Smart Cabinets

A smart toolbox sees practical applications in various industries. A few prominent ones are detailed as follows.

Health Care

Asset tracking is essential to healthcare workers who might require specific resources as per the incoming cases. Thus, you need to maintain a complete inventory at all times. A smart cabinet lets the employee know without contact whether the box has the tool and warns you if the supplies run low.


Cars and trucks require several tools to work on, and they can quickly get misplaced as many of them often don’t have visual cues for different measurements. Using a smart toolbox allows you to keep track of all the tools and replace them before they wear out.


Your facility can only function optimally with all the equipment in working order. That’s why a smart toolbox can prove immensely valuable for maintaining all devices on-site. Your maintenance team can check whether they have the necessary tools.

Key Benefits of Using a Smart Toolbox

Using a smart toolbox can bring about various advantages to any scenario. A few common ones are as follows.

1. Improve Inventory Visibility

When you have smart toolboxes throughout the facility, it immensely improves the inventory visibility for various departments. You can observe whether any of them require restocking or if a specific tool is not returned within a specific time frame.

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2. Space-Saving Solution

Since all of the tools are accounted for, there is less requirement for spares. That creates some extra space that you can utilise for additional services and equipment. Designing your workplace within a more compact system also facilitates improved inventory tracking.

3. Secure Storage and Locker Systems

Your employees or visitors may need additional security for the paraphernalia they store on-site. It’s more convenient to offer them the same technology you use for a smart toolbox instead of installing additional locker systems.


With RFID technology lowering costs, it becomes easier for SMBs to avail of a smart toolbox to boost their services. However, the success of that initiative lies in what kind of service you avail of for your enterprise. Qbasis can deliver you the appropriate resources to make the process as trouble-free as possible, contact us today.

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