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  • Components of a Smart Cabinet
  • Benefits of Using a Smart Cabinet
  • Smart Cabinet with RFID

A smart cabinet is one of many shelving units. It houses important equipment or data. In the medical field, it contains medicine in a controlled environment. More and more companies are using smart cabinets. Firstly, because they provide a safe environment for any item. Second, they also help in inventory management. 

Components of a Smart Cabinet 

A smart cabinet has many components. And the combination of components depends on the type of smart cabinet. The most basic components are usually the following: 

1. Smart Cabinet Unit 

The first component is the unit itself. This is also called housing. It is the container that keeps items safe. Smart cabinets come in different sizes. They range from 600mm to 800mm. Sometimes, they can be bigger or smaller. It all depends on the needs of the company. 

2. Power Supply

Any unit needs a power supply to function. They provide high energy for the device. Moreover, some smart cabinets have an uninterrupted power supply. This allows for higher availability. An example of a power supply is a UPS and battery combination. 

3. Power Distribution 

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) turns output ports on or off. Furthermore, it detects input and output electric quantity parameters.

4. Lighting 

Lighting allows for easier visibility inside the smart cabinet. Additionally, it makes the system safer. It also enables considerable energy-saving. 

5. Air Conditioner

Special smart cabinets come with air conditioners. This helps maintain a controlled temperature within the smart cabinet. Therefore, It is especially useful for the field of medicine. However, it also cools down any electronic devices. 

6. Emergency Ventilation System 

The emergency ventilation prevents high temperatures inside the cabinet. When the air conditioner fails, the device starts up automatically. Then, this prevents the device from operating at high temperatures. 

7. Sensors

Sensors provide alarm notifications of various kinds. For example, leaving the doors of the unit open triggers the door status notification.

8. Smart Lock

The smart lock on the cabinet provides higher safety for any products. It supports local IDs or keys. Further, it records access control history. It even provides alarms for unclosed doors.

Benefits of Using a Smart Cabinet 

Aside from the impressive components of a smart cabinet, it also provides many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Fire Suppression 

Fires usually cause some business downtime. Additionally, fires destroy equipment and facilities. As a result, this leads to greater costs. Some smart cabinets are equipped with ventilation systems to prevent this. Moreover, some smart cabinets detect smoke. Then, they also help put out flames. Smart cabinets are also useful in fire suppression. 

Maintaining Certain Conditions

Improper temperatures damage equipment. Smart cabinets come with an air-conditioning unit that can maintain specific temperatures. Moreover, they come with corresponding apps. These apps help control the temperature and humidity 

Security Measures 

Protecting data and equipment is very important. As such, smart cabinets come with both mechanical and digital locks. Additionally, these locks send notifications during access breaches. 

Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) usually come with a battery. Power failures also cause business downtime. UPS handles this by offering high availability of power. Of course, this comes with consistent frequency and voltage to avoid any accidents. Some special smart cabinets even come with power monitoring components. 

Supports Modern Needs 

Smart Cabinets with RFID 

Some smart cabinets even come with RFID technology. The RFID adds more benefits to the smart cabinet such as: 


RFID tags provide real-time information on any movement of products. Additionally, it makes it easier to locate a specific cabinet. 

Improved Inventory Management 

Smart cabinets record multiple data. This can also include inventory data. With real-time inventory data coming, errors diminish. This also minimises time spent on inventory and monitoring 

There are many ways a smart cabinet can help your business. Moreover, it provides safety and security to equipment and staff. For inquiries regarding smart cabinets, contact Qbasis today!

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