Mobile Scanners – Five Reasons on Why Your Business Should Invest in Mobile Scanners – Warehouse Tips


  • Wireless, Uninterrupted Scanning
  • High Computing Power
  • Empowers Your Staff
  • Allows Smoother Collection of Data
  • Improves Overall Productivity

Thinking mobile scanners are just fancy tools for big stores? Read on and discover how these genius devices can boost your business productivity.

The continuous rise of customer expectations propelled the innovation behind enterprise mobility as a solution to warehouse management. Just like any other business strategy, smoother operations call for better equipment.

The technology timeline in data gathering and inventory tracking started with papered notes that turned to sectioned logbooks and books that turned to wires and screens. What’s next is the rise of wireless, mobile scanners that can capture data in a click and send it to a centrally managed system. As a quick productivity tip, here are five reasons why mobile scanners – specially dedicated to one’s enterprise – are becoming a prominent device in warehouse management.

Provides Wireless, Uninterrupted Scanning

Unlike traditional, wired devices, loss of electricity or blackouts does not stop the workflow with mobile scanners. These modern devices are battery-powered and do not have to be strapped or connected near an outlet. Furthermore, it provides uninterrupted scanning and the data captured are automatically saved. You can save time in organizing wires and tripping over cords by having a handy dandy mobile scanner around. In addition, this advanced tool can survive all day and are always ready for tough business processes.

Delivers High Computing Power and Eases App Development

Investing in mobile scanners assures you that you got the right device tailored for your business. Its high computing powers enable it to handle heavy applications and ease app development whenever new updates are ready. Moreover, some devices are also fully equipped and compatible with business-class accessories, streamlining warehouse processes easily.

Empowers Your Staff

During staff training, you can skip the foreign, big hardware manual for new employees by introducing a device more familiar to today’s generation. Mobile scanners possess the modern smartphone looks but their strong features are undeniably for an enterprise. Equip your valuable staff with a user-friendly, pocket-sized device that will allow them to work efficiently and effectively. As the mobile scanner expedites the usual grunt-work employee stuff, the time it saves allows your people to do more during the shift. Plus, they will also have instant access to data as it is stored in the cloud.

Aside from faster data capturing, processing, and retrieval, mobile scanners also guarantee better manoeuvrability. Your employees can take it anywhere and they can scan information with flexibility.

Allows Smoother Collection of Data

Apart from capturing data swiftly, the use of mobile scanners is proven to lessen data errors. It removes human or clerical errors from the equation since it is automated. In fact, they can also be rigged with radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcode scanners which can capture data in one beep, prepared for an enterprise environment.

Powerful Asset That Improves Your Warehouse’s Overall Productivity

Mobile scanners’ advantages upped the playing field with their business tough features and reliability. Moreover, it increases one’s warehouse’s productivity with its enhanced durability, performance, and functionality. It reduces execution times largely and is ultimately designed for rugged use.

There are various enterprise technology solutions that can enhance your business processes and mobile scanners are climbing to the top of warehouse must-haves when it comes to enterprise mobility. Clear the wires, improve data gathering, and enjoy higher levels of productivity by investing in mobile scanners. In Qbasis, we make sure your business is fully equipped with competent equipment to effectively and efficiently manage your day-to-day tasks. Contact us today to consult which mobile scanner is right for your business.

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