Introduction To CMMS

With digital systems taking the lead for several businesses, there are plenty of possibilities to make businesses more efficient long term. However, we still have a long road to practical implementation, as the IMF predicts massive industry changes and the need for improved maintenance in the coming years. There are several ways to make your facility management system smoother, but maintenance is a keen factor for safety and efficiency.

Throughout this piece, we will detail how an effective CMMS can benefit your operation’s digitalisation.

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What Is a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)?

A computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) detects and logs the required parameters that determine wear over time. It measures physical quantities like temperature, weight, conveyer speed, etc. and records it in a digital database for further interpretation. A few state-of-the-art versions even employ machine learning to predict the required work jobs weeks in advance.

You can use CMMS software for:

  • Preventive maintenance scheduling and record keeping
  • Unscheduled maintenance tracking
  • Creating work requests and work orders
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance expense management
  • Audit and compliance record keeping

Evolution of CMMS Technology in Facility Management Systems

While most people today associate CMMS with a digital interface, the method first became famous as far back as the 1960s. Back then, companies had punch cards letting workers register their shift times with all machines. By the 1970s, they switched to printed work orders that accounted for wear through inspections.

The 1980s saw the emergence of less expensive and portable devices that made the system accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. IBM outlines the next generation of CMMS as a reliable, cloud-based solution that lets you access data from any smartphone or PC. That allows you a modular system that you can scale and upgrade as per the latest automation trends.

Key Benefits of CMMS

Employing an effective CMMS fetches several advantages for your business. A few notable ones include:

1. Simplified Operations Digitalisation

Your CMMS can automatically register a work request when it detects that the machine is reaching its stress limits. It can create work orders and notify the maintenance teams ahead of time, even when they’re occupied with other jobs.

2. Convenient Record Keeping

With a reliable database feeding you data, you no longer need to audit each work order. You can analyse the running costs from the facility management system and verify the necessary records to order spare parts ahead of time.

3. Increased Reliability With an Automation Trend

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When you have an array of RFID transmitters feeding you data, your system is far less susceptible to ignoring the signs of wear or reviews from second-hand observations. You can rely on the data and assign the necessary resources without second thoughts.

4. Facilitating Predictive Maintenance

Unlike preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance involves lower costs and fewer risks to employees and end customers. Yet, you can only make it a habit when you have the necessary data to optimise the maintenance that favours performance instead of waiting for breakdowns.

5. Reduced Downtime

You can reduce downtime on the concerned terminal or machine site when integrated with the adequate asset tracking system. The CMMS can also schedule the maintenance during off-hours, which doesn’t affect your quarterly bottom line.

6. Increased Safety and Reduced Risk

An intuitive CMMS feeds you the required information without putting the employees at risk. Moreover, the timely maintenance during off-hours makes them safer for closer inspections and swifter repairs that otherwise make the equipment prone to hazards.


Whether you want to upgrade your current systems or apply a CMMS from the ground up, you require adequate infrastructure to ensure it works per your requirements. For a facility management system that best suits your needs, get a free quote from Qbasis today.

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