How to Welcome Visitors in a Professional Way, Leaving Good Impression

When it comes to first impressions, you have about 7 seconds to curate a desirable impact on another person. The same goes for small and large businesses that tend to visitors in their commercial spaces. Both psychologists and people who work in hospitality will tell you that the state of mind during those precious first seconds can determine the visitor’s behaviour for the duration of their visit.

Therefore, you need excellent workplace management and a thoroughly controlled system that lets visitors feel secure and comfortable. Throughout this guide, you’ll learn how to perfect the professional welcome, from visitor pre-registration to check-in and guidance to the appropriate location.

Smile and Greet Visitors Warmly

First and foremost, you need to provide a warm welcome by giving a pleasant smile and greeting them softly. During front-door staff training, you can ask them to check the pre-registration from the visitor management system (VMS) and study them a bit before they arrive.

For example, in East Asia, it’s a kind gesture to bow when greeting someone. So, if your visitor is from Japan, the staff can look up and behave accordingly during their visit. Moreover, the VMS informs the coordinator of the scheduled visiting times so that they can ensure that the concerned personnel are present to report.

Make the Visitors Feel Safe

For any visitor, security is a priority, even more than whatever services they desire from your end. Thus, it’s crucial to denote that you exercise the necessary measures to keep everyone within the premises safe.

Contactless VMS for visitor check-ins and turnstile access is an excellent starting point. Digital form-filling avoids the inconvenience of cumbersome check-ins. You can also construct biometric checkpoints. That way, visitors can presume that no one can barge into the meeting room without unauthorised access.

Modern illuminated decluttered lobby to welcome visitors.

Declutter the Lobby

While space is crucial in welcoming visitors, you can improve the lobby experience by installing an advanced VMS. Digital logins and presentation monitors assist with removing the excessive paperwork in the front lobby.

If you want to invoke pleasant emotions within the visitors, it helps to go with proven design techniques. Modern architecture studies have shown that space and lighting create a more positive impact than beautifying showpieces.

Anticipate Common Needs

You need not create a highly personalised experience for all the visitors to your business premises. There are a few standard requirements that can cater to everyone. If you operate a digital VMS which the floor coordinator can view, they can inform the cafeteria to have refreshments ready if they suspect the visitors to wait.

In addition, you can clear up reservations for the required conference rooms that you need for the required time frame. You can also instruct the staff to provide additional stationery or digital resources without disrupting the current projects.

Young business man doing self check in a in a visitor management kiosk

Automate and Digitise

Increased automation is a sure-shot sign of a smart workplace. It can never replace the authenticity of actual attendants. Instead, such systems augment the visitor’s experience by delivering content that would otherwise seem boring and pointless.

Having a few programmable greet screens is best to let visitors learn more about your efforts. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the digital VMS can trigger a relaxed response, even during the visitor pre-registration stage.

Short Summary

If you want to operate a genuinely smart office, you need technology to gain the lead on large corporations that are going more digital by the day. We hope this guide helps you gain the impact you desire on everyone, regardless of whether investors or prospective employees fill out the visitor pre-registration form. For the best and most secure visitor management systems, be sure to check out Qbasis.

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