Why Traditional Parking Management Needs An Upgrade

The average car spends more than 90% of its time parked. That’s why it’s imperative to re-think the conventional car park design and make it more efficient with the evolving urban landscape. Smart parking management systems have recently emerged that seem to fulfil the promise. Let’s take a comparative look at how it serves as an upgrade over traditional parking systems.

Parking Management System - Smart car parking tracking system in mall with lights signals to track, indicated and navigate car to available vacancy

Smart Parking vs Traditional Parking

There are various practical differences between intelligent and conventional parking management systems. A few prominent ones are highlighted below.


Conventional parking systems may have plenty of spots, but getting to your desired one can be tricky during rush hour. The sign boards can display how many are present at a given level but don’t convey free slots.

On the other hand, intelligent parking systems inform all incoming visitors about which slots are free, so they can find their desired one quickly instead of wasting time cruising the parking lot. Moreover, they operate through a parking mobile app that prevents the discomfort of carrying a parking ticket at all times.

Energy Requirements

Smart parking management systems may be more advanced, yet they require much more electricity than conventional lots. Where traditional parking spaces only need energy for lights and security, intelligent parking systems require the management to run sensors, Wi-Fi routers, and RFID scanners as well.

Space Utilisation

With smart parking, you can use the space more efficiently. As free spots are convenient to locate, you can handle more traffic and manage checkouts swiftly. In the case of conventional parking spaces, you have to build more to handle increased traffic.

Parking Charges

Traditional parking management can only have so many slabs, as you have only the ingress and egress times to calculate charges. Smart parking allows you to have dynamic pricing based on how long the car was parked, whether the parking spot was changed for the duration, and whether the vehicle is a regular visitor.

Why Does Traditional Parking Management Need an Upgrade?

Parking Management System

Upgrading to an intelligent parking management system yields several valuable benefits.

1. Efficiency

You need fewer resources for maintenance and security around the parking lot. The staff on site can keep an eye on each parking spot thanks to an array of sensors and cameras. If there are any points of concern, the parking mobile app can alert the nearest staff to check out the issue.

2. Cleanliness and Organisation

The cleanliness of a parking space can affect user experience. If you want to take care of an oil spill or water puddle quickly, you need an intelligent parking system that lets you know if something is out of order. The cleaning crew can reach the space ahead of scheduled maintenance and prevent a terrible experience for an upcoming visitor.

Furthermore, organising the vehicles in an intelligent lot is more convenient. The visitors can find an open spot conveniently, and the staff can generate alerts for vehicle owners past their assigned time slots.

3. Space Optimisation

When you make the parking spots easier to locate, you can handle increased traffic even with limited spots. It’s less stressful to keep visitors on a waitlist when you know that new spots will free up in a matter of seconds. In addition, there are fewer space requirements if the spots are designed according to vehicle classes.

4. Process Automation

Smart parking systems automate several tedious functions, such as issuing tickets, lighting the required pathways, and reading license plates. That means you can assign the staff on-site to other crucial jobs while ensuring a smooth experience for all visitors.


Smart parking management systems are the need of the hour. Making parking more efficient means less stress at the start of the day and reduced traffic from cars looking for the ideal parking spot. Of course, the system can only be as effective as the service provider. For the best solutions that cater to your set budget, check out Qbasis for a free quote.

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