Parking Management System: Electronic Parking Integration with Visitor Management System


  • Automate Vehicle and Driver Information Registration
  • Manage Visitor Vehicles and Print Vehicle Pass
  • Real-time Tracking of Check-in and Check-outs
  • Generate Valuable Insights from Parking Patterns

The electronic parking system is one of the most acquired and fastest-growing smart city solutions across Asia. There are a few entities such as airports, universities, shopping centres, and city garages. Where parking systems began to anticipate the significant benefits of electronic parking technology. 

Did an integration of a Visitor Management System to an electronic parking solution has ever crossed your mind? Maybe, you will also come to think about how beneficial this integration is. Try to imagine, twenty cars went in within two hours. Now, the person who is in charge of the parking fee will just provide a ticket and pass, which is a cycle. And for daily use, do you think you’re maximizing the functionalities of your parking system with that simple application? How about, the vehicle will be registered to the system? Wherein you can have records of cars going in and out from time to time. Real-time monitoring is also a plus.

Parking Management System Features

A visitor management system software with a parking management feature can help identify, record, and track the check-ins and check-outs of vehicles on the premise. Below are parking management system features that can be integrated with visitor management system software.

Automate Vehicle and Driver Information Registration

It is important for a parking business to register vehicle and driver information to manage their tenants. Traditionally, this can be done using pen and paper to manually record information. Doing this may cause inaccurate records of data and increases the risks of security for tenants as their information can be seen easily at one glance. Loss of information can also happen if the papers are misplaced. This also occupies the time of the receptionist or guard greatly instead of focusing on other important tasks.

With an automated registration via mobile scanning, risks of incorrect data input can be eliminated. The information of the tenants will also be protected and safely stored in a digital database. The records can be retrieved easily as well. The manual input of data can also be eliminated and staff can focus on other tasks more important than data entry.

Manage Visitor Vehicles and Print Vehicle Pass

The core concept of a visitor management system is how it manages people or guests who come in and out of premises. In the parking system, this kind of architecture is indeed much needed. Wherein, visitors’ vehicles will be properly managed and vehicle passes can be assigned. This also simplifies the identification of vehicles.

Visitors can also directly print vehicle passes from the visitor management system. This feature is a counterpart of the Visitor Badge in reception or lobby areas application.

Labour and man-hour have huge impacts on revenues. If parking lots want to reduce expenses for labour, why not just deploy automated Kiosks or Touch monitors. This solution does not only give a very good first impression, but it will also give visitors their independence in getting a vehicle pass.

Real-time Tracking of Check-in and Check-outs

With a parking management system software, check-in and check-out will be automatically recorded. The record can show the vehicle and driver information and their timestamps, as well as the duration of the vehicle’s stay on the premise. Vehicles that remained inside the premise can also be checked easily.

Generate Valuable Insights from Parking Patterns

Aside from making parking management efficient, valuable insights that can help the management can also be generated. Parking patterns can be recorded and tenants who frequently utilize the parking area can be singled out. The most parked area can also be identified as well as areas that were not usually parked. This can aid business decisions. Quick surveys can also be set up in a parking management system software so tenants can provide feedback to the management.

The goal of electronic parking is to automate and reduce the time spent. Like, as manually searching for the optimal parking floor and spot. Some solutions will hold a suite of services. Such as online payments, parking time notifications and even car searching functionalities.

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