License Plate Reader Integration with Visitor Management System


  • Overview of How ALPR Works
  • Benefits of Integrating ALPR with VMS

Smart parking systems and automated license plate readers are the latest in visitor management technology. An automated license plate reader  (ALPR) recognises different license plates through high-speed cameras. These cameras are mounted at the entrances and exits of the parking lot. The cameras capture important information. For example, the computer captures photographs of the license plate, the vehicle, and sometimes even the people inside. 

Overview of How License Plate Reader Works 

1. Cameras and Sensors 

The camera or license plate reader is connected to a system through a wireless network. It sends the necessary information regarding the car to keep track of vehicle movements. 

2. Data analysis 

Once the camera sends the necessary data, it proceeds to a server. Then, a program analyses the data. This helps the system predict future trends like the peak time when visitors enter and exit the building. 

3. Reporting and Management 

Afterwards, the program gives detailed reports about the people entering the parking lot through their license plate. This information can include: 

  • Address
  • Credit card details
  • Car type
  • Age
  • Gender

Benefits of Integrating a  License Plate Reader with VMS

Reduced Costs 

A license plate reader has relatively lower costs compared to security personnel. Also, it offers a lot of benefits like automated toll payment, vehicle location and crime prevention. According to the National Technology Development Agency, every dollar invested in new technology also saves businesses $5 in the long run. 

Revenue Generation

Aside from reduced costs, an ALPR also generates more income. With automation, drivers can easily enter their registration details before entering the car park. Then, the machine will be able to display how much they need to pay based on their record. With this, you can identify the average duration of a vehicle in the parking lot. Moreover, you will know who hasn’t paid. 

24-Hour Security 

If you don’t want to hire personnel for round-the-clock security, you can count on the license plate reader to keep watch of everyone coming and going through the parking lot. The data stored in the server will always be available in case of any incidents. 

Traffic Flow Analytics 

The data from reports are also useful for traffic flow analytics. Consequently, this improves the mobility of people or goods. Additionally, it increases safety, reduces traffic congestion and reduces accidents. 


An automated license plate reader integrated with a visitor management system provides seamless and convenient experiences for guests and staff alike. 

A license plate reader integrated with a visitor management system (VMS) not only increases security, it also improves convenience and efficiency. With a smart parking system equipped with ALPRs, guests will have an easier time finding their parking space and paying for the use of the parking lot. It will be a hassle-free and effortless process. To learn more about the automated license plate reader or visitor management systems, contact Qbasis today! 

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