Optimising Visitor Pre-Registration For Your Business

Creating an excellent first impression is critical for any business’s success. Whether you’re recruiting quality employees or influential investors, how well you handle visitor pre-registration can have long-lasting effects. Even if they don’t intend to maintain a long-term relationship, it’s best to provide them with a pleasant experience.

If you wish to streamline the first meeting, it helps to focus from the first point of contact. For most, that’s the visitor pre-registration process. Here’s a short walkthrough that shall tell you the stages and benefits of having one.

Essential Benefits of Having a Visitor Pre-Registration Process

Integrating visitor pre-registration into your visitor management system (VMS) has several advantages.

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Reduce Wait Times

You no longer need to make visitors wait for long hours when you have a robust visitor pre-registration system. You can manage the slots for conference rooms or schedule facility tours more efficiently.

Avoid Confusion Upon Visitors’ Arrival

Manual reservations to a busy area often lead to cases of mistaken identity and improper allocation of resources. With prompt visitor pre-registration, workplace management becomes more convenient as the staff can expect who to greet and make the necessary arrangements ahead of time.

Prepare for Upcoming Visits

Several mundane yet necessary formalities require handling before a visitor can be authorised to access a facility. Pre-registration allows that by saving time for signing forms and NDAs, taking pictures, or recording credentials. Visitors can do it beforehand, so you have the essential information and consent prior to the visit.

More Personalised Customer Service

With enough data from pre-registration, you can personalise the customer service for each visitor. For instance, if your guest requests wheelchair access, you can have one standing by at the entrance and have your staff clear all ramps of any blockages.

Increased Security

A smart workplace must ensure security for everyone on-site. The visitor pre-registration system can screen their details against custom and official watchlists. That way, you can alert the relevant authorities and put out alerts, so they don’t trespass into sensitive areas.

How Visitor Pre-Registration Works

Now that you know the benefits of pre-registration in workplace management, let’s observe the common procedures employed in this process:

1. Sending One-Click Invites to Guests

It’s best to send one-click invites containing all the meeting details. With an advanced VMS, you can add the event to their calendars, provided they grant you the relevant permissions.

Ensure to include the appropriate visitor pre-registration links in the invite. They can include the necessary paperwork and details to help your staff prepare for the visit.

3. Meeting Time & Location

Last-minute changes are the bane for any visitor management. If you believe in smart workplace management, your VMS system should alert you of edits from the visitor’s end.

4. Interactive Map & Directions

An interactive map allows the visitor to get their bearings in a new area, especially within a sizable facility where there is no internet access. Their VMS can also grant them directions to places of interest, such as the mess hall or restrooms.

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5. QR Code for Automatic Sign-In

Instead of issuing magnetic cards, you can issue contactless means for visitors to move out and about. QR codes are convenient to issue and allow complete control over the turnstile and biometric checkpoints. In addition, your visitor management system allows you to monitor their movements on the premises.


Visitor pre-registration makes the job of all workplace management staff more efficient. With this guide, you have all the reasons to implement a digital solution for your business. If you require a free quote for the best access control and visitor management systems, get in touch with Qbasis.

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