How To Use Asset Tracking In The Education Sector

When you ask someone about asset tracking systems, they would probably think of courier services or radio trackers in vehicles. Most people must realise that it can also be an invaluable tool for students and staff in school asset management. Here’s a short guide to help you understand how.

What Is Asset Tracking?

In simple terms, asset tracking involves tracking an object or person without direct contact or human intervention. Digital asset tracking systems are becoming more commonplace by the day. As per recent statistics, the global market for just fixed asset management can grow to SGD 6.9 billion by 2024.

Asset tracking usually involves relaying the necessary state data from the concerned object to a remote system. That can be done either continuously (RFID and smartphone connections) or intermittently (Barcodes or QR code scans).

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Why Do You Need School Asset Management?

The modern education system has less to do with books and pencils. Instead, students are getting accustomed to laptops and tablets. Moreover, increasing concerns over the security of students and staff within the schools call for an unintrusive system to keep track of all people and resources.

That’s where digital school asset management software comes into play. It can grant secure access to the state of all the concerned assets within the institution to a team of authorised personnel.

What Are the Main Assets in the Education Sector?

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A typical educational institution can have the following assets to keep track of.

  1. IT Assets: These consist of electronic hardware devices like tablets, printers, laptops, and projectors.
  2. School transport: Each school has its fleet of school vans and minibuses depending on the size of its staff and transport needs.
  3. Inventory: That includes all the stationery, cleaning supplies, sports equipment, and other consumables that need frequent restocking.
  4. Soft assets: Teachers and administrators often use various software to coordinate projects and follow up on assignments. Those comprise the soft assets used in an educational institution.

What Are the Benefits of Asset Management Systems for Schools?

Installing a robust school asset management system within an institution can yield several advantages. The most notable ones are described below.

Efficient Inventory Management

When you have digital devices and institutional supplies under surveillance, it’s hard to lose track of them. Administrators can monitor their status even during off-hours. If required, you can assign specific alerts in case they breach the premises.

Reducing Spending on Redundant Assets

Effective asset tracking allows you to observe how often they circulate into regular use. Over time, you can develop more precise statistics and modify your purchases only to buy the required stock. That reduces the spending on assets that remain unused or expire.

Increasing Record-Keeping Accuracy

A cloud-based asset tracking system can automatically log each item’s status in real time. That process increases the accuracy of records. You no longer need to worry about missed entries or false check-outs, as the admins can track when someone scans a label before use.

Improve Routine Maintenance

Asset tracking also ensures adequate maintenance schedules. For instance, if you’re observing a bus slowing down consistently on its route, you can call a mechanic for a thorough inspection.


One of the most dreaded stages of all educational administrators is delivering regular reports. But, a suitable asset tracking system can do the work for them, provided they receive adequate training.

Short Summary

School asset management systems can turn the current system for the better. Regardless of scale, it can improve the quality of education, finances, and safety for any location. Why not check out Qbasis for the most advanced and affordable solutions if you’re interested?

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