Best Practices For Warehouse Labelling

Whether you buy something from your local store or order something online, there’s a high chance it was stored in a warehouse at some point. For those managing them, things become complex as they scale to industrial levels. That’s why it’s essential to understand warehouse labelling and apply the best practices.

Importance of Barcode Labelling in a Warehouse

The appropriate system for barcode labelling fetches several advantages for your warehouse management system. A few notable ones include the following.

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Faster Order Processing Speed

Barcodes let the employees scan the products before storage or putaway instead of lengthier manual entries through registers. Thus, the order processing speed is much faster. For example, on average, an Amazon order takes only a few minutes to confirm shipping.

Reduced Clerical and Operating Costs

With an effective barcode labelling system, you don’t need extra staff to maintain registers or check the stock every few days. A digital inventory management system can do the job automatically.

Minimise Errors and Improve Accuracy

Thanks to a digital barcode database, your warehouse can minimise the chances of errors. It’s unlikely to record false positives from precise barcodes or register information in an automated system without logins. You also save the effort of manually ensuring the accuracy of each shipment every time your customers place an order.

For Scalability or Future Expansions

The increasing warehouse stock as the business scales can only be managed with a reliable barcode labelling system. Moreover, expanding your warehouse and adding new shelves is more convenient without affecting the older stock.

Produce a Professional and Organised Warehouse Layout

The efficiency of your warehouse operation goes hand-in-hand with how professional and organised it is. With all the items labelled and adequately stocked, you can save the space for additional amenities for your employees, such as climate control or establishing a smoking area.

Best Practices for Warehouse Labelling

It can be tempting to jump straight into the latest technology and start installing barcode scanners when you learn the various advantages of barcode labelling. Yet, doing so without a definite process can allow specific issues to persist.

Thus, it pays to follow a set of decent practices for warehouse labelling. A few critical steps include:

Number Shelves From the Ground Up

It is best to start with the bottom shelves and increment with each level when labeling them. That way, you don’t have to reorganise the order if you add extra shelves on the top as your business grows.

Use Alphanumeric Characters for Label Codes

Alphanumeric characters instead of only numbers increase the possible variations for each item. That makes it easier to label more items without modifying the system from the ground up. In addition, using a zero to fill the digits for smaller numbers prevents any input errors.

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Be Consistent With the Labelling Method

When establishing a warehouse labelling system, it’s best to stick to it for as long as possible. Frequent modifications to the labelling system can significantly increase the cost of your long-term operations.

Map It Out

Creating a map that corresponds to the labelling system makes it easier for the employees to find the right slot for the item. Proper mapping also allows you to make the most of the space available within the facility.

Try To Stick With Industry Standards

Several studies already exist that allow you to choose the most efficient methods depending on the size and structure of your warehouse. They also create a more sustainable model for your enterprise.

The most prominent way is to follow the aisle-shelf-slot form, with the first series designating the aisle, the middle series the shelf level, and the final digits representing the slot on that shelf.


How you approach warehouse labelling is essential to maintaining a lucrative bottom line for your business. But you can’t do that with state-of-the-art electronics and some quality consultation. Lucky for you, Qbasis can do both and more within a reasonable budget. Connect with us today for a free quote.

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