Using Asset Tracking in Hotels

As the hospitality industry becomes increasingly competitive, hotels are looking for new ways to improve their operations. By using an asset tracking system, hotels can achieve a hassle-free and secure operation. Asset tracking can help these places keep track of their assets and improve their coordination. By tracking assets, these hospitality businesses can ensure that they are used in an efficient and effective manner. 

An automated RFID asset tracking system also helps hotel staff locate lost or stolen items. Moreover, it can help these spaces create a digital trail for their assets, which can be helpful in the event of an insurance claim. While there are many benefits to using asset tracking in hotels, it is essential to implement it in a way that works in favour of the business. This blog post will explore some tips on the asset tracking system hotels employ. 

Woman holding towels for asset tracking in hotels.

Challenges Hotels Face During Asset Management

The hospitality industry is constantly adapting to the changing trend, and new challenges arise. One of the biggest challenges that they face is asset management. Due to the constantly changing landscape of this industry, it can take time for them to keep track of their assets. This is especially true for large hotel chains with multiple locations. The most irritable phenomenon is the theft or loss of assets. This can be a significant problem if not properly monitored. 

Moreover, the hotels must stay on top of the management to avoid the misuse of assets. Failing which can often lead to hoarding or misplaced equipment. If not properly managed, this can lead to a downturn in the quality of service. And while these challenges may seem daunting, there are ways to overcome them. By implementing a real-time, accurate asset management system, these establishments can keep track of their assets and ensure they are being used properly. Furthermore, most hospitality market players agree to this solution, with the global asset tracking market crossing the US$100 trillion figure in 2020.

What is RFID Asset Tracking System Hotels Use?

RFID tags are Radio-Frequency Identification devices that emit a signal that a reader can detect. This technology is leveraged in a variety of industries, including asset tracking. In the hospitality industry, RFID asset tracking keeps track of high-value items, such as linens, towels, and bedding. 

Benefits of RFID Asset Tracking for Hotels

There are various benefits of using RFID Asset Tracking for Hotels. Let’s see what they are: 

RFID chips example that is being used in asset tracking in hotels.

Prevents Theft & Misplacement 

Hoarding, misplacement and theft of assets are eternally frustrating problems for hotels. However, with RFID tags attached to each asset, they can use a handheld reader to quickly and easily scan the tags and identify any missing items. This system can also track the movements of assets, making it easy to determine if any items have been misplaced.

Withstands Extreme Temperatures During Laundry

RFID asset tracking allows these hospitality establishments to keep tabs on their belongings, even in extreme conditions. RFID tags are designed to withstand high temperatures, making them perfect for tracking items, even during laundry. In addition, RFID tags are not affected by dust or dirt, so they can be used to track assets in any environment. 

Real-Time Asset Tracking Solution for Management and Business Reporting

RFID asset tracking provides a real-time solution for managing hotel assets, making it easy to track and report on the movement of inventory. RFID tags allow them to easily track where their assets are located and how they are used. This information can be used to improve business processes and make better decisions about asset allocation. 


In the hospitality industry, time is of the essence. From checking in guests to keeping track of inventory, asset management is a crucial part of running a successful hotel. Conclusively, RFID has revolutionised the asset tracking system hotels use.

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