Top 5 Asset Management Customisations And Configurations

In a world increasingly becoming more data-dense, it gets harder for a human, or even a team, to handle all of that. For most organisations, that data can pertain to asset tracking. Still, there are so many parameters that you may need to filter the most relevant ones. Those can vary depending on the nature of your business, so here’s a quick guide on how to implement custom asset tracking in your operations management.

What Is Asset Management?

You can define asset management as tracking the status of a physical or digital asset to maintain a desired output. It can occur with parcels, employees, finances, software, and any other valuable resource to your organisation.

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Use Cases for Asset Management Software

Asset management software is a digital system that logs the necessary data for all valuable resources. It can have the following use cases.

  • Fixed Asset Tracking: For assets that don’t have developing parameters. E.g. the barcode on an energy bar.
  • IT Asset Tracking: Tracking digital assets such as cloud storage and your app preferences from smartphones to other systems.
  • Tool Tracking: Ensuring the location and status of all tools, both on and off-site.
  • Maintenance Tracking: Analyse each piece of equipment in real-time, letting you know which ones require repairs.
  • Inventory Management: Monitoring your stock and supplies remotely, with minute-by-minute updated records.
  • Facilities Management: Providing overall updates on your facilities and allowing you the support capability remotely.
  • Leased Equipment Tracking: Tracking real-time locations and status of rental vehicles and other equipment.
  • Mobile Audits: Testing and evaluating all the assets remotely, scheduling trials and work orders as required.

Configurations To Consider for Your Asset Management Software

Now that you know what an asset tracking software can do, you can determine the relevant criteria to configure on your custom asset tracking system. A few notable ones are as follows.

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Action-Based Forms

With the appropriate program, you can create specific forms to collect information from customers, employees, and business partners without intruding on their privacy. You can integrate the forms into your visitor management system, giving them a heads-up and recognising their expectations.

Asset Listing

You can use filters to group assets into specific categories. That makes it more convenient to organise your supply chains and schedule work orders in accordance with the usage of all equipment.

Workflow Actions

Integrating your asset tracking software with your check-in/checkout system can allow smoother workflow on premises. Contactless or RFID-based trackers can tell you where every individual or resource is at all times. It can even send notifications and alerts to the concerned staff in case of overdue tasks or unauthorised access.


Your custom asset tracking system can conduct automatic audits without involving external manager inputs. Much like automatic scans on a Windows PC, the software notifies you of the audit and assigns the role to the appropriate supervisor. Moreover, you can obtain the audit reports in CSV, PDF, or XLS formats, whichever suits your interpretation best.

Custom Fields and Groups

With custom fields, you can analyse the data you want through different processes and simulations. You can customise the settings for those fields that suit various scenarios, like a template, so recalling the data sets takes mere seconds instead of hours. You can also create specific groups that suit designated departments, from Security to R&D.


Creating the best solutions for your business requires customisation. That calls for specific equipment and techniques that only an industry expert can help you wit

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