The Amenities And Perks The Employees Want Right Now

For any smart workplace, the motivation and productivity of all employees are significant assets. While a generous salary is an obvious go-to for every manager, some additional amenities and perks can assist you in retaining your staff for an extensive duration. Here’s a short guide on why that’s essential and the various perks you can consider for the premises.

Why Are Office Facilities Important for Prioritising Productivity?

There are several reasons office facilities prove vital for a productive workplace. A few of the most noteworthy ones include the following.

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Food and Beverage Options

Your employees can’t work on an empty stomach. On average, they might consume at least one full meal and a few snacks during a 9-hour shift. Thus, providing healthy food options and beverages on demand is ideal.

Convenient Check-ins

The check-in process for your workplace is essential to set the employees’ mood at the start of the shift. If you apply a mobile-first system compatible with Android and Apple smartphones, you can expect shorter queues at the entrance.

Accessibility Features

A disabled yet brilliant candidate is less likely to join your organisation if you don’t have accessibility features, such as voice-activated keyboards and smart room sensors.

Recreational Material

You don’t want to constantly keep your staff focused on work. Some time off playing games or attending a yoga class can refresh their mental state and prevent burnout.

Healthcare and Insurance

A healthy employee is a productive employee. You can create healthcare insurance programs to cover your staff and their family.

Reliable and Efficient Energy Supply

Given that most modern workplaces rely on digital systems, it helps to have the necessary energy supply available and an intelligent energy management system that generates automatic consumption reports.

What Are Some of the Most Useful Amenities That an Office May Provide?

In order to obtain most of the qualities mentioned above, you can add several amenities within your workplace. The list can consist of the below apparatus.

workspace with laptop computer in modern empty office with sunlight.  Facility Management System

1. Very comfortable chairs

Your employees most likely work on computer systems with most of their time sitting down. Thus, you can provide them with comfortable chairs or bean bags that keep them active and improve their posture.

2. Games room

It may sound counterproductive, but your employees need a place to let off some steam away from the eyes of other employees. That’s why every Google and Sony office has a dedicated games room with consoles, TVs, and board games that the employees can use any time during their shift.

3. A fitness centre on-site

The modern workplace is mostly about sitting down and interacting with digital systems for long hours. As such, it helps to avail the employees of a fitness centre that they can attend at least twice a week to keep in shape.

4. Hassle-free parking

A smart parking management system can prove an excellent asset for those who commute to their office using personal vehicles. It increases vehicle security and prevents the rush at the start and end of each shift.

5. Children Daycare

Parents are always nervous about their young ones at home. Contracting a daycare centre for toddlers can allow parents to relieve their stress and increase their work productivity.

6. Complimentary munchies

A few complimentary snacks can create wonders for the morale of your workforce. It helps to have a few digital solutions, like weekly issued app coupons for granting freebies to each employee.

7. Modifiable work schedules

Not everyone is productive during the same hours. You can assign flexible work hours to your employees so that the diurnal ones can report early, whereas the more nocturnal staff can take up night shifts. It also prevents strain on your inventory management system.

8. Ample time off for vacation

A worrying percentage of employees don’t take the day off, even when required, to save up for emergencies. Still, you can provide much time off for vacation that assists them with their mental health and provides further motivation to stay with your firm.

How Likely Is It That Workers Will Be Productive With Their Place of Employment?

While the productivity of your employees is nigh impossible to ignore, a few methods let you determine that you’re headed for the right path.

Positive Feedback

You can create impromptu forms and hear what your employees say instead of relying on managers to conduct a census. It provides a clearer picture of the ground reality and helps to determine what you can do better to improve their conditions.

Timestamp Consistency

Happy employees often remain consistent with the time they check-in. If you’re experiencing irregularity in the employees reporting to the office, it may be a sign that they’re not interested in working with your company for long.

Participation In Off-Work Activities

Almost every office has a creative and entertaining event at least a few times a year. You can examine the participation rate in such activities and determine whether they’re satisfied working within the organisation.

Short Summary

To conclude, the satisfaction of your employees directly affects the probability of your organisation reaching its long-term goals. Yet, it helps to have modern solutions to make the most of a smart office. For the best asset management and CMMS solutions, get a free quote from Qbasis today.

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