Potential New Metrics For Retail RFIQ Operations

It can prove challenging to keep up with every emerging technology in the market. However, there are always a few gaps in learning and adoption, which you can’t do for all of your employees overnight. RFID technology is an excellent case study. While it uses radio signals to track specific items, there are still persistent doubts, especially among retail workers. It helps to measure your business RFIQ regularly and conduct awareness sessions when feasible.

Throughout this guide, you’ll learn about the potential new metrics for RFIQ operations, particularly when considering the retail industry.

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What Exactly Are the Benefits of Using Metrics?

It is crucial to disperse the correct information about RFID technology among your staff. Thus, you must ensure that you use the appropriate metrics to explain all the necessary details to them. That can bring about several benefits to your business. Those include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Faster product shipment and processing: The appropriate metrics for consideration inform your employees about the relevant troubleshooting using smart toolboxes concerning product tracking. They can deal with any tracking issues and adequately handle the scanning systems.
  • Efficient awareness programs: With the correct metrics, you can update your employees quickly on the current applications and scope of development for RFID technology. That saves you time off active hours and lets you conduct discussion sessions to ensure any doubts are cleared.
  • Robust data management: You can’t always have all the data readily available for reports within minutes. It helps to scale down on collecting unnecessary information, especially when you can’t afford massive data farms.
  • Streamlined feedback from the customers and employees: When you consider the right RFIQ metrics, you can create dedicated portals for feedback. It allows you to remove any drawbacks with the system and keep your warehouses operating within acceptable stress limits.

How Is the RFIQ Scale Measured?

According to recent reports, the global RFID industry is predicted to have a market value of more than SGD 58 billion by 2027. It’s one of the most lucrative tracking technologies to invest in. From contactless payments to tracking pets’ locations, RFID has various practical applications in the world today. With time, experts predict that its scope can expand even further.

Therefore, it’s best to determine the RFIQ of all your retail employees on-site. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t do it based on specific numbers or marks on a test. Instead, it involves the general awareness of a few basic parameters regarding RFID technology. Those are described below.

  • Do your employees know what RFID is and how it works?
  • What kind of advantages do they reap from the widespread use of RFID?
  • Do they know where the RFID emitters and scanners are installed?
  • Are they aware of the limitations of RFID?
  • Can they adequately use and troubleshoot the RFID scanners within your facility?
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The last-mile delivery operations decide your company’s future since this part of the delivery has many challenges. Fortunately, you can overcome them and grow your business by utilising the right technology. Still, it depends upon the service provider of your choosing. For the best automation methods for your warehouse or fleet systems, check out Qbasis today.

What Kind of an Influence Does RFIQ Have on the Store Atmosphere?

Maintaining a high RFIQ within your retail store cultivates a positive work ethic within your organisation. Employees familiar with the technology can sustain operations and manage minor setbacks without holding up aisles. It’s also possible to adapt to remote management in less busy outlets.

Most critically, they don’t have any unjustified fear of the technology. They are less susceptible to believing false facts and going down conspiracy theory rabbit holes. One of the most widespread is that corporations use RFIDs to mind control everyone within their range.


With the increasing popularity of RFID sensors and trackers, it helps to make all personnel aware of their functions and capabilities. It can do much for professional morale and save on redundant repairs. Still, you require a reliable service to make it work for your enterprise. For the best RFID-based asset tracking systems, get a free quote by connecting with Qbasis today.

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