Overwhelmed With Manual Visitor Management? Effortlessly Switch to Automatic Security Kiosks

Pen and paper visitor management is a manual or conventional method of documenting and tracking visits using a log book and a pen. This is the book that a visitor fills out when entering an organisation. Depending on the information the company demands from their visitors, it stores the date, name, phone number, email, time of sign-in, time of sign-out, signature, and so on.

The purpose of a visitor management system (VMS) is to track visitors efficiently and effectively, limit their access within the firm, and safeguard your business and employees from undesirable visitors.

Although the manual VMS is inexpensive, it does not receive a standing ovation when effective and dependable visitor management systems are mentioned. Therefore, the need to have an automatic visitor management kiosk came to be. Take a moment and read the article to understand more about automatic security kiosks.

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The Drawback of Manual Visitor Management

The latest technology overpowers the old manual visitor management system. Present businesses focus more on self-service visitor management systems. Here are the points as proof to you.

No Security

A paper record system allows fellow guests to easily obtain the details of other visitors. When a visitor signs in, they can see the details of prior visitors who have signed in before them, and when they return to sign out, they have unfettered access to the data of other visitors who have signed in after them.

This is quite unsafe because organisations are implicitly giving away personal information of important visitors, such as name, phone number, email, and so on, through their visitor books. In this day and age of smartphone cameras, there have undoubtedly been instances where people have photographed the visitor log book for the purpose of sales or other purposes.

No Reliability

Manual visitor management systems are unreliable for a variety of reasons. One issue is that the illegibility of certain visitors’ handwriting renders their data unusable or just marginally beneficial for future use. This inevitably negates the aim of your inquiry in the first place.


The entire procedure of arriving at the registration desk, filling out the visitor log book, and standing in a large line is stressful for visitors and wastes time they could be spending elsewhere. Furthermore, obtaining a certain visitor’s data can be rather difficult, especially if you have to search previous months’ or years’ records.

Why Automatic Security Visitor Management Kiosk?

A company’s employees’ and visitors’ safety and security is a high priority. One method is to use an automated visitor management system, which is a computerised system created to handle the flow of visitors in a specific location.

Typically, the system contains software, hardware, and protocols for registering, tracking, and monitoring visitors, as well as issuing temporary access tokens. The system can also automate the visitor sign-in kiosk and check-out process, improve security, and create a unified experience for guests and workers.

The Switch from Traditional to Automatic Security

The reason behind the big switch from a traditional visitor management system to an automatic visitor management kiosk is the drawbacks brought in by the old manual working procedure. And you have already read about the drawbacks. So here are the reasons for this big shift.

  • Reduce manual operations and increase digital efficiency.
  • Assist your front-desk workers in providing more personalised customer care.
  • The process is completely customisable, and the system is built to be customised.
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Employee satisfaction with good first impression for visitors
  • Cost-cutting measures
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Benefits of Automatic Security Kiosks

Here is a precise description of the benefits you can enjoy because of the automatic visitor management kiosk:


Almost all employees can benefit from a VMS. Front office staff do not have to supervise every guest. Employees are not interrupted by uninvited guests; residents are alerted to the coming of contractors and delivery people. Guests can move in and out of the facility with ease if they have authorisation.

According to research, being interrupted can result in a 20% decline in cognitive performance and a 23-minute gap before employees can resume their original level of focus. As a result, an automated VMS saves time, frustration, and money.

Safety and Security

The reality is that some persons should not be on a job site, and denying them admission through a VMS can be a simple and effective approach to address this. Other people may be let in, but they must be kept away from intellectual property, private papers, and specific offices.

An automated VMS follows your security policy without requiring you to explain the requirements at each stage. Over 92% of responders to the visitor management kiosk claimed their VMS made the atmosphere safer.

Cost Savings

Some organisations can avoid hiring additional receptionists during peak seasons. At the same time, others can save on legal and compliance fees by automating paperwork and storing confidential information in a secure, electronic manner.

Streamlined Process

Paper sign-in logbooks and long lineups at the front desk are customer experiences that businesses can no longer afford. Visitors can simply scan their ID or provide pre-registration information at a visitor management kiosk. Visitors no longer need to sign a physical logbook, and the process of authenticating meeting information or approving the visit is automated and expedited.

Furthermore, you don’t have to burden contractors or vendors with paper paperwork such as NDAs. These can be smoothly integrated into the software’s workflow.

Final Words

We can say that when it comes to logging in visitors, collecting information, and keeping a secure workplace, outdated pencil and paper sign-ins are no longer sufficient. As a result, automated visitor management systems are becoming more prevalent.

Having an automated visitor management kiosk in place allows you to give guests equal time and attention, collect the information you need to run your business successfully and keep guests, employees, and property safe in your workplace.

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