Smart Lockers, Secure Data: Bolstering Cybersecurity through Efficient Systems

The necessity for organisations to constantly ramp up and enhance their cybersecurity is crucial. This is due to the fact that developments in the cloud, the IoT, 5G, and conversational interfaces have led to an increase in the number of end-user appliances, networks, and user interfaces.

Numerous uses of artificial intelligence (AI) are now in use to boost productivity, boost revenue, or improve user experiences. The focus of this article, however, is on one significant but sometimes ignored AI application: strengthening defence against cyberattacks by using a secure smart lock.

Increasing Cybercrime

As cybercrime becomes more professionalised, there are more diverse, nuanced, and advanced risks. The most cutting-edge secure smart lock network systems are continually being circumvented. Or overtaken by cyber threat actors, who conceive, design, and revise resolutions regularly.

Businesses now face more severe cyber dangers than ever before as a consequence of the intersection of all these variables. Cyberattacks advanced by 38% in 2022. Attacks will become much more regular as cyber threat performers buff their strategies, and businesses will encounter new and riskier cyber threats.

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Enhancing Cybersecurity

It takes a complex strategy to protect your organisation from a skilled opponent, ranging from executive/board member awareness through the execution of a workable but realistic cybersecurity architecture.

Understanding the capabilities and vulnerabilities of current and new information technologies is only one aspect of cybersecurity. You must realise that you are engaged in a battle with hackers. It entails comprehending the stakeholders in your company’s operations as well as business needs and processes.

Targeting and managing your investments to meet pertinent cyber dangers entails knowing where your greatest assets and risks are located. Increasing cybersecurity requires ongoing effort. Both business decision-makers and IT leaders are on a journey. The first tool that may benefit you is a secure smart lock.

What are Smart Lockers?

Automation, communication, and data are the characteristics of “smart” technology. Smart locker network have capabilities for tracking, automated notifications, and secure access management. Your organisation may improve productivity, utilisation of a secure smart lock, and other efficiencies in the mail room and elsewhere with the aid of data analytics and reporting features.

A multifunctional, high-tech improvement to a conventional storage solution may be smart lockers. Advanced technology features accelerate crucial company procedures. Offer far greater package and asset management and provide crucial data for future optimisation – all with one straightforward, clever solution. They fulfil the same storage purpose as their low-tech counterparts.

How Does a Smart Locker Help in Bolstering Cybersecurity?

Here are a few benefits of adopting a secure smart lock can provide to bolster cybersecurity:

Enhancing Physical Security

To begin with, smart lockers are primarily made to offer safe storage for tangible objects. We can tell you that in terms of cybersecurity, securing hardware devices is essential. Such as laptops, smartphones, and USB drives that could be used as entry points for cyberattacks is what this entails. Organisations can make sure that these gadgets are stored securely when not in use by using smart lockers.

A secure smart lock is wired with the most advanced features of a locking mechanism, such as biometric authentication, PIN codes, or RFID cards. This multi-layered security approach gives you a promise that only authorised individuals can access the stored items. Many smart lockers are equipped with sensors and alarms to detect any unauthorised access attempts or forceful entry, providing an added layer of security.

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Securing Digital Assets With Tags

Asset tags are frequently one of the key tracking techniques in a secure smart lock system. These are equipment-mounted or incorporated wireless communication tags. Radio frequency identification (RFID), one of the most widely used short-range wireless protocols for asset tracking, is used.

RFID is a dependable, affordable, and powerful wireless standard that performs well in busy workplaces. RFID systems are either actively powered, time-based tracking systems that detect at a distance or passive, proximity-based systems that identify close assets.

They may, therefore, be easily adapted to virtually any commercial use case. When a user signs equipment in or out, detectors on the access management panel of your smart locker read tags from the equipment, providing cyber security for cloud storage.

Analytics Reports

Smart locker systems gather data in real-time to offer insights on how to improve shipping processes and mailroom efficiency. You can view statistics on Service Level Agreement Reports based on frequency, date range, building, and room type with just a few easy clicks. This will enable you to track the chain of custody more effectively and increase the effectiveness of your mailroom.

A comprehensive smart locker software platform will enable you to construct and manage various room kinds, develop custom job lists to generate maintenance plans and one-off chores, and more in addition to these operational insights.

Parting Words

It’s time to put the numerous advantages of smart lockers to work for your company. Asset delivery and inbound parcel management are made easier with a secure smart lock.

We can assure you that these smart lockers are supported by highly responsive technology, industry-leading technology, and durability and are available in a range of compartment sizes and configurations. Adapting smart lockers to your location, brand identity, and workflow requirements is also a simple process.

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