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Today’s Visitor Security

Visitor security is important in every establishments. Establishing visitor management policies that promotes visitor security can help assure the safety of the people associated with the property. Common visitor security strategies include hiring a security guard and a receptionist to keep an eye on the ins and outs of visitors. However, this method does not cover all security risks that may happen inside the building. A guard and a receptionist has limited measures in determining which visitors are actually allowed in the area, they also do not have much control and track recording of check-ins and check-outs. Company assets in the building, including its people, should be protected at all costs.

Visitor Security Features

With todays rapid technological innovation, various visitor management systems have been developed to help improve guest management. One of the main features of a VMS is to increase the security in a physical establishment. In this article, three visitor security features of a VMS will be highlighted and discussed.

Visitor Identification

Visitor identification is a vital feature of a visitor management system. It starts with data entry of visitor information into the system in the form of registration or manual entry. Once the guest has been recorded in the system, advanced VMS can utilize label printers to print visitor badges with photo of the guest. Expiration date of the visitor pass can also be included on the badge as well as the host or the person they are visiting. This can help identify which visitors in the premise is supposed to be in the building.

Digital Visitor Logs

Digital visitor logs helps protect the privacy of guests. It eliminates the need for a paper guest sign-in sheet where everyone who has access to the sheet can view the person’s information.

Security Compliance

Advanced visitor management system softwares can customize the way to capture data in compliance with today’s data regulations. This helps companies reduce the risk of data breach and be compliant with today’s data privacy laws.

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