How On-Premise Barcode Kiosk Scanner Can Be Convenient for Pre-Registered Visitors?

Most of the time, your office buildings, educational institutions, or manufacturing facilities are flooded with visitors. Usually, someone is appointed to take care of the appointments and visitors. Hotels and hospitals have front desks to welcome them. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage the rush.

Over the years, one solution has caught the eye of the busy businesses. The on-premise barcode kiosk scanner. This is mainly used for pre-registrations of the visitors. The technology is secure and convenient to streamline the guest check-in process. Along with that, other security measures can also be taken care of.

In this article, we will write about the advantages of using on-premise barcode kiosk scanners for pre-registered visitors.

Convenience of Pre-registration over Traditional Registration Process

Pre-registration is important for an efficient visitor management system. Usually, an entire department is dedicated to organising in advance the list of expected visitors. They can collect and provide crucial information such as their name, purpose of the visit, and expected arrival time.

The organisation can work efficiently without confusion if the team members are active. As several departments can be involved in an organisation, there may be a time when the rush is too much to handle. This is when the pre-registration system helps.

Pre-registration can streamline the guest list before arrival, and an on-premise barcode kiosk receipt printer can speed up the check-in process. As guests arrive, they can scan the digital code on the barcode kiosk scanner and confirm the check-in. The barcode scanner will verify the information the guest provided during pre-registration, and it is good to go.

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Advantages of On-Premise Barcode Kiosk Scanners

Human resources amalgamated with modern technology can do wonders for the business. Imagine your business is at its peak, and you have constant visitors and new clients coming up to visit you for a job. The more the number of visitors, the more staff you will need. That number can be expensive. Therefore, approaching a good pre-registration application with an on-premise bar code can give you some relief. Read the advantages in-depth.

Speed and Efficiency

An on-premise barcode kiosk scanner can speed up the check-in process remarkably. You must tell your visitors to scan their pre-generated barcode or QR code scanner kiosk. The scanner will instantly tally the stored information from the pre-registration database. This way, you do not have to manually enter the visitor’s details. The time spent dealing with each visitor minimises, and they do not have to spend more time at the front desk. They can instantly access the facility and carry on with their business.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Organisations can analyse the data generated by on-premise barcode kiosk scanners. This data is valuable and helps in reporting any issue that might occur in the future. They can track visitor trends, peak visitation times, and frequently visited departments. This can help them make informed decisions to further enhance the security. Organisations can plan the facility layouts and improve overall visitor experiences.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security can be achieved by the extra layer of protection provided by on-premise barcode kiosk scanners. The scanner cross-verifies with the pre-registered database, and the system ensures that only an authorised person enters the building. If anyone other than a pre-registered person tries to enter the building, the alarm is immediately raised by the system, and entry is denied.

Improved Visitor Experience

On-premise barcode scanners enhance the visitor’s experience. Visitors always appreciate when the check-in process is streamlined and hassle-free. It sets a positive tone for the visit and gives a good impression. Also, the quick check-in process reduces wait time and eliminates the paperwork. Overall, it can be said to foster a professional and modern image for the organisation.

Reduced Workload for Staff

Barcode kiosk scanners also benefit the staff appointed at the front desk or reception. They can do better visitor management with a pre-registration process followed by an on-premise barcode kiosk scanner. With the automated check-in process, there is no need to have an additional security guard at the front gate or an extra assistant for the receptionist. This personnel can be utilised for another important task within the organisation. This increases the overall operational efficiency and improves job satisfaction among staff members.

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Various Options to Pre-Register

There are various options available on digital platforms to pre-register yourself before visiting the organisation. This confirms the visit and also provides you with time to prepare for it. Also, you do not have to go through the lengthy process of getting in the line. Some of the options for pre-registration are written below.

Online Pre-Registration

This method is the most prevalent and accessible. Almost all organisations, medical institutions, and businesses provide online forms or pre-registration portals on their websites. You can click on the portal and fill in the required details such as the purpose of visitations, name, contact details, etc. You will get a confirmation message on your contact number when you submit the form. This way, you can fill out the form from the comfort of your home or office whenever you wish.

Mobile Apps

Many organisations offer mobile applications that enable the pre-registration process. These apps are usually seamless and provide a user-friendly interface. You can register and access important events or appointment details on your smartphone.

All you have to do is download the relevant mobile app from your app store. Create an account and navigate to pre-registration. You have to input the correct information and complete the process. You can also get a notification as the appointment date is closer.

Phone or Email Registration

Some organisations may offer pre-registration via phone or email. This method is proper when online options are unavailable. Begin by contacting the organisation’s designated registration team. Provide your details and any necessary information over the phone or via email. You will get a confirmation, and you can then visit the organisation.


In the age of technology, on-premise barcode kiosk scanners have revolutionised visitor management. The management is more efficient and secure because of the seamless integration of the pre-registration process. The check-in process is automated, thus reducing administrative overhead. Which in return offers an exceptional visitor experience to the guests.

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