How do Qbasis Helps Organisations be a PDPA Compliant?

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  • Overview

  • Qbasis VMS has an audit trail of all the application’s database record changes

  • Only collects the last 3 digits + 1 Alphabet of National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)

  • Provides a scheduled backup to secondary storage

  • Ensures  that cloud computing services used is reputable

Security is given much importance in cyberspace these days. When we say security, it is more than the protection of logical instead of physical access. Personal data must be secured by collecting and using it properly so it will not be used in fraud or any other cyber attacks. Uniquely identifying data includes passport number, account number, full name, NRIC and the likes which can discreetly identify an individual. With this, a lot of data privacy compliance was constructed to protect this information from unauthorized access and modification. One of these is the recently mandated Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) which allows the collection and use of personal data for legitimate business processes as long as the organizations or company complies with its proper management.
Furthermore, though Singapore is quite far from Europe, it can still be affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) because its goal is to protect its citizen information wherever they are. So, if your organization got hacked and the information of one of the European citizens was leaked, you still have to be accountable.

In order to comply with data privacy acts, here are the things that must be kept in mind when you require your guest’s personal information.

First, identify where your website or application will be hosted.

Second, understand the features and functions of your website in order to know its resiliency.
Then, find out how your software vendor supports data governance.

Speaking of software vendors, there are a lot of visitor management system (VMS) developer out there but Qbasis get their head in the game with its PDPA compliant software. Qbasis VMS has an audit trail of all of its database record changes and timestamp of any modification or deletion. Then, it only collects the last 3 digits + 1 Alphabet of National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) for authentication and verification. So if ever the system was breached, the hackers can only get junk as the data that they have taken has no value.  In addition, Qbasis’ VMS also provides a scheduled backup to secondary storage thus the organization is secured that they can still operate even if they get attack by ransomware.

In terms of functionality, we conduct security and penetration testing before launching our product and ensures that the server and network security are safely configured. On the event that VMS was deployed on the cloud, we certify that the cloud computing services used is reputable.

Qbasis together with the organization can protect personal data from unauthorized access and misused thus maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data.

For better business continuity, we advised the organization to keep track of all their personal data, implement security controls to prevent breaches and then establish a disaster or incident response plan to prevent data loss.

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