Visitor Management System: 7 Signs Your VMS Is Doing Its Job


  • Reduced Waiting Time
  • Company brand image is renowned
  • Return of Investment
  • Easier emergency roll call
  • Clear visibility
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Legal Compliance

Investing in an automated visitor management system (VMS) is becoming a trend as organizations started noticing that their guests are getting fed up with waiting and lining up in the reception area every time they happen to visit.

With all the great features of the automated visitor management system, let us identify the signs that your guests’ experience is actually elevated and the problems that were incorporated with traditional visitor management systems were somehow eliminated.

Reduced waiting time

Guests can pre-register in advance as the host can confirm it at once. Upon guests’ arrival at the vicinity, all they have to do is present their QR code for verification. The host will then be notified about their guest’s arrival via SMS or email. This eliminates the need to log in through the paper-based system and waits for the host confirmation.

Company brand image is renowned

When guests have a pleasant experience within your premises, every time they are going to hear your company name that is what they are going to recall. When your guest does not wait that long in the lobby for registration as well as signing out, they become an advocate of your company’s brand image.

Return of Investment

The automated visitor management system is not just another expense, it can also cut off company costs over time such as saving up on personnel costs both in the administrative and security section. There are also costs that cannot easily be identified, such as those associated with a breach of security as it can create damage to your brand name.

Easier emergency roll call

Emergencies are quite inevitable thus it is good to have a visitor management system for alarming or notifying visitors and the whole organization of what is happening and finding out if they are safe or whether they need to be rescued.

Clear visibility

Printed badges allow you to spot anyone who is in your vicinity at any given time. Visitors can also be monitored on the dashboard thus it is easier to check who is still in the area and who has already signed out. The pattern of how frequent their visits can also be determined.

Threat Mitigation

It is possible to blacklist someone that once create chaos or harmed one’s organization. Once security personnel is alerted of potential threats on-site, they can immediately act on them.

The logs stored in VMS can be used to prove your innocence. Is there a time when an incident happens in your vicinity and then you have to check who was on-site? If your answer is yes, then you’ve seen how easy it is to export the logs from VMS in order to justify the report compared to checking the traditional VMS where you are not sure if the data indicated there are valid or genuine. VMS software can also be customized to comply with data regulations.

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