Top 5 Technologies to Reduce Energy Consumption in Singapore

Many companies and organisations have taken the lead with various initiatives to reduce energy consumption in recent years. And for a good reason – rising energy costs can eat into profits and, more importantly, increase greenhouse gas emissions. Singapore is no different, and the government has been working hard to promote energy efficiency initiatives. Initiatives like switching from carbon-intensive fuel oil to natural gas for their energy production have upped Singapore’s energy conservation game.

Ecologic source of green energy in reducing energy consumption

Here are five technologies that have particularly effectively reduced energy consumption in Singapore.

5 Technologies to Reduce Energy Consumption in Singapore

Countries worldwide have been racing to save energy, and Singapore’s not behind. More than 95% of Singapore’s fuel mix for electricity production today consists of natural gas. Likewise, various technologies have made their way into the country that has helped considerably reduce energy consumption. Let’s see what they are: 

Appliances That Conserve Energy

A variety of innovative technologies have been developed to reduce the energy consumption of appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. For example, air conditioners are now equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the temperature based on the number of people in the room. Moreover, with visitor management systems like biometrics and facial recognition, overall security management has also become efficient.

This is good for energy conservation in Singapore and improves user comfort. Similarly, refrigerators now come with adjustable thermostats and LED lighting, which consume less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. Lastly, washing machines are now available with highly efficient motors that use less water and detergent while still providing a thorough cleaning.

Sustainable Lighting

Sustainable lighting is an effective way to reduce energy consumption in Singapore. LEDs, for example, are up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition, they have a long lifespan, which reduces the need for replacement and disposal. 

Furthermore, LED lights generate very little heat, which helps to reduce air-conditioning costs. Solar-powered lights are becoming increasingly affordable and offer a very environmentally-friendly way to reduce energy consumption.

Smart Home Hubs

Smart home hubs are devices you can use to control various appliances and systems in the home, such as lighting, security, and climate control. By centralising the control of these systems, smart home hubs can help reduce home energy consumption.

In addition, some smart home hubs also allow for remote monitoring and control of the home environment, which can further help to reduce energy consumption. For example, if a family is going on vacation, they can use a smart home hub to remotely adjust their home to an energy-efficient setting.

Smart Energy Meter In Kitchen Measuring Consumption Of Domestic Electricity And Gas

Energy Management and Information System

The Energy Management and Information System (EMIS) is an excellent initiative by the Singapore government as part of the national initiative to reduce energy consumption. The system provides real-time data on energy consumption for buildings, industries, and homes. 

It also offers analysis and alerts to help the building operators and occupants make informed decisions about saving energy. Any Singapore-based business with facilities in the country is eligible for government grants to install EMIS. They will grant up to 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $250,000 for each energy-intensive facility.

Showerheads With Low Flow

Low-flow showerheads are designed to use less water while providing adequate pressure and coverage. As a result, they can help to save water and energy without sacrificing performance. In addition, many low-flow showerheads have additional features that improve their efficiency. 

For example, some models come with pause buttons that allow users to temporarily stop the flow of water while they lather up or shave. Other models feature aerating technology that mixes air into the water stream, resulting in a fuller spray that feels as powerful as a traditional showerhead. 


Switching to the technologies that leave the least carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption can be a wise choice. There are various technologies businesses can use to support the cause. With this, businesses in Singapore can cut costs and ensure a huge step toward climate protection. Businesses interested in energy management solutions or want to know more about the EMIS grants can contact Qbasis for seamless assistance.

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