The Benefits of Energy Monitoring in Growing Businesses


  • What is Energy Monitoring
  • Why Do Businesses Need an EMIS
  • Other Benefits of EMIS

What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy monitoring is the act of collecting real-time energy data. This is for managing the building resource consumption. When data is sent to a cloud-based energy management software, energy monitoring becomes real-time. This system helps you ensure that your buildings are operating as expected. For example, you can monitor electricity, water, or gas consumption. 

Why Do Businesses Need Energy Monitoring? 

Monitor Energy Costs and Reduce Expenses

The smart technology in EMIS gives you an overview of your company’s energy use. Sensors collect data and feed it to your central dashboard so that you know your energy usage before you’re billed for it. Being able to see these reports allows you to react instantly and make changes to control your usage.

Monitoring the power also allows you to identify trends which can help you make future energy management plans. The detailed data means you can look at specific machinery, rooms or offices and develop action plans for energy reduction. Moreover, it is also a helpful way of driving staff engagement.

Increased Awareness to Be Environmentally Responsible

Singapore launched the Road to Zero Waste back in 2019. Businesses that have installed smart technology to help them with their energy management are better placed to meet these goals. Additionally, businesses will have a much greater understanding of their energy use. They can even help reduce their carbon emissions. 

Other Benefits of Energy Monitoring

Improve Facility Performance

With a good EMIS, you will have energy-efficient workspaces. Then your employees will have consistent temperature and lighting in the work environment. This improves the well-being and happiness of your staff, which will motivate them to work better. Moreover, the reduced costs will allow you to use your budget for something else. For example, it can be allotted for marketing, salaries, promotions or product improvements. 

Increase ROI

Using an EMIS is one of the greatest investments you can make. Most EMIS come with cost-saving features that emit lower power during peak times to help you reduce costs. Also, it offers revenue-generating programs and helps businesses identify energy leaks. With so many features and cost saving, energy efficiency, there is no doubt that you will see a return of investment after installing an EMIS.  

Reduced Operational Risks 

A business has a complex operating environment which challenges operators to maintain and optimise business operations. Failing to act on anomalies will definitely affect a business in the long run. For example, these anomalies and risks could include failure of critical assets. Also, spills, leaks and other environmental impacts. With an energy monitoring system, the reports can give you important insights and help you identify potential risks. This way, data-driven decisions can be made to reduce the risk of asset failure. You will also be able to avoid energy waste and comply with any standards given. 

All businesses nowadays benefit from an energy monitoring and information system. Not only does it help reduce costs, it also helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save energy. With a lot of useful features, business owners will not regret investing in an EMIS. To learn more about EMIS and how it works, contact Qbasis today! 

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