Smart Crowd Control: Leveraging Turnstile Entrance Solutions to Tackle Visitor Management Issues

Turnstiles provide a solution for businesses to strengthen physical access control at their facilities. Turnstiles automatically track who enters and exits a specified area. However, turnstiles alone may not provide the kind of access control required for solid security for many businesses.

Integrating access control devices or readers with turnstiles enables businesses to monitor visitors more effectively. A turnstile entrance can be integrated with a variety of access control mechanisms, including keycard or fob, Bluetooth, and even facial recognition technology.

Here’s how combining your access control with turnstiles might help you manage visitors more effectively.

What Does Visitor Management Do?

The practice of inviting visitors and/or employees via turnstile entrance onto your business’s premises and managing their presence is known as visitor management. Signing in, registering, or checking in visitors is simply a minor portion of the total procedure.

Other factors include visitor safety, security, arrival alerts, tracking, and acceptance of compliance rules. All of which are relevant to an organisation’s facility/building, industry, and guest scenarios.

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Challenges With Visitor Management

Here are some of the challenges that you might face with an ordinary visitor management system instead of a turnstile entrance.

Failure to Record Visitor Data

If firms continue to rely on manual methods to document and check in guests, data can become difficult to log or be logged improperly. One-time visitors may offer less of a risk than contractors who need access to certain areas of your building. Failure to document who individuals are, why they are there, and where they are going on-site can expose businesses to risk.

Credentials are not checked

Suppose the security guards did not have time to check your ID. In fact, the security officer didn’t even notice your ID photo was outdated. Maybe you thought of giving yours as identification. Because there was no standard list of acceptable forms of identification, security staff were forced to accept anything provided to them by a guest.

Guests Wait For Longer

The last thing you want is for a guest to wait for the host to appear. That is exactly what might happen if you do not have turnstile management and your employee forgets about your appointment. Leaving your guests alone in the lobby is unethical and unacceptable business practice. The “lonely guest effect” can be avoided by providing automated alerts to your employee when his or her guest arrives.

When a visitor comes to your location and registers, whether at a kiosk or with a receptionist, you can utilise turnstile entrance management to send an email or text message automatically.

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A Solution to Tackle Visitor Management Issues

Now that you know the challenges that you can face with an ordinary visitor management system. Let’s take a look at the solution to the challenges.

Adaptable Access Control Solutions

Turnstiles, unlike typical access control technologies, can be employed in a variety of settings. Event venues, for example, can utilise turnstile entrances with access control, which permits the turnstile to turn only after a person pays to enter. When using turnstiles with access control, such as key fobs or Bluetooth credentials, the same approach applies.

Security turnstile gate can also be used as a rotating door kind of entry or exit or for exit-only applications. You may customise both your turnstile equipment and access control technology with a choice of turnstile solutions to safeguard your property and enhance efficiency when handling guests.

Improve Physical Security

One advantage of employing turnstile entrances is their ability to count people. When you need to limit the number of visitors, knowing how many are entering or exiting at any given time is critical. Data on the number of persons entering and exiting a building can help businesses make more informed decisions about their operations.

Businesses, for example, can improve the efficiency of their entry and exit points by recognising peak periods or problem regions and making necessary changes to physical barriers or manpower.

Reduced Complexity

Bluetooth credentials, for example, can aid in the simplification of turnstile solutions. An app, for example, can notify visitors which turnstile entrance to enter or exit through in buildings with busy turnstile entry or exit locations.

Instead of physically checking in with a receptionist, the individual can just check in via the app and utilise their credentials to pass through the turnstile entrance, making the entire procedure more efficient.

It’s Time To Wrap Up!

Touchless access control, such as Bluetooth, facial recognition, or fobs, can also make turnstile entrance use easier while boosting security. People can enter and exit swiftly by using their device—or, in the case of facial recognition, surveillance cameras—to activate turnstiles. Meanwhile, unregistered guests must check in to obtain credentials.

Controlling guests requires access control, but when combined with turnstiles, you have a better solution to safeguard your facility without obstructing traffic flow at your entrances and exits.

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