6 Applications of Turnstiles for Improved Logistic Operations

Every second saved in the movement of goods can translate into cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. With this in mind, one overlooked tool in the quest for streamlined logistics operations is the humble turnstile. Turnstiles are typically associated with access control and security, leading to the enhancement of various aspects of logistics. Read the article further as we explore the six applications of turnstile function that can bring you the enjoyment of improved logistic operations.

Understanding Turnstiles

Turnstiles are mainly related to pedestrian access blocking devices, which are primarily used to control and maintain the flow of people and manage their access in various real-life places. The core function of an office turnstile is to allow only one person at a time. Turnstiles generally include a turnstile mechanism, blocking rod, chassis, control module, traffic detection, alarm, counting, and so on.

You must be wondering where these turnstile functions are used. Usually, companies that have ultra-high cost performance and high-class quality services incorporate these turnstiles. Many cities around the world, such as Poland, the USA, Japan, Singapore, etc., have turnstile functions.

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Types of Turnstiles

There are various types of turnstiles, and to name some of them, let’s begin the list.

  • Swing turnstile
  • Speed gate turnstile
  • Half height turnstile
  • Full height turnstile
  • Tripod turnstile
  • Flap barrier turnstile
  • Sliding turnstile

Six Applications of Turnstiles for Improved Logistic

The key to running a successful business is backed by efficient management. And when it comes to handling logistic operations, having a smooth flow of information and products is essential through versatile management. However, the list of turnstile functions is vast, and its applications are diverse. Let’s begin with the most important asset, i.e., an employee, and go further with other examples.

Employee Attendance Tracking

The first and foremost thing to consider while operating any business is managing the large workforce working multiple shifts in your office. Oh yes, it can be challenging. You can use the employee turnstiles turnstile software to simply track the entry and exit of the employees working for you and keep track of when they are leaving the premises. The question is how?

Employees swipe the RFID cards or use fingerprints to enter the workplace; the data can automatically be integrated with payroll and the HR system. The benefit is that the administration can feel relaxed with less workload of keeping an eye on everyone and ensuring accurate attendance records.

Queue Management in Shipping and Receiving Areas

Shipping and receiving areas are often congested, especially during peak periods. Turnstiles can be used to manage the flow of people and vehicles efficiently. By implementing a queue management system, companies can ensure that loading and unloading processes are streamlined, reducing waiting times, bottlenecks, and operational disruptions. This not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience.

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Inventory Management

No matter how well-planned your workforce is, inventory management is also mandatory. To make this possible and easy, you have the liberty to use the turnstile function to effectively plan the entry and exit points of your own owned warehouse property. You may observe that as the goods move in and out, employees can use the turnstile functions to scan each item or input data to ensure real-time updates to the inventory system.

In case of any unforeseen circumstance, the data that you have stored in your system can reduce the risk of overstock or stockouts. For instance, if you are short of any item, you may check the system and purchase the inventory just in time.

Vehicle and Cargo Tracking

Transportation is often the largest expense in a logistics business or warehouse, especially if vehicles are not properly tracked or maintained. That is, many companies implement turnstile functions equipped with advanced technology like licence plate recognition features or RFID. Suppose the truck has arrived at the loading deck, and when it passes the checking point, the turnstile can read the vehicle’s information. After that, the information is synced with the logistic management system.

For future purposes, you can now track and reschedule their arrival at your convenience. Another benefit of using a turnstile feature is that it can identify any unauthorised vehicle that is trying to enter the premises and alert the management.

Security and Theft Prevention

Suitably advanced with features like facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or metal detectors, turnstile functions can keep security high and tight. Trust us, because of these features only, no one from the outside world can enter the premises or have access to any data.

Temperature Screening and Health Checkpoints

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of health and safety measures in logistics. Turnstiles can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras and health screening questionnaires to monitor the health of employees and visitors. By automating temperature checks and health assessments, logistics companies can maintain a safe working environment and minimise the risk of outbreaks within their facilities.

It’s time to wrap up!

Presently, the most common systems that support the basic pedestrian turnstile function gate are the access control system and the ticketing system. You’d be surprised to see how the entire system has evolved into versatile tools that can powerfully enhance logistics operations.

When you look closely, you will see that it has transformed the standards of access control and attendance tracking to inventory management, vehicle tracking, queuing management, and security enhancement; turnstiles offer a wide spectrum of applications that can donate to streamlined logistics processes.

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