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We make it easier for you to manage your inventory effectively.

Reliable and highly scalable, Qbasis Inventory Management System (IMS) software automates warehouse and inventory management processes by leveraging well-tested processes that work together optimally

What is an Inventory Management System?

An Inventory Management System software tracks and manages inventory operations on the go using a mobile app and a main online dashboard. It monitors warehouse/ inventory statistics and performance as a groundwork for continuous improvement and business goal setting.

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Key Benefits

Track and manage inventory operations on the go using a comprehensive inventory management system dashboard on the cloud

Boost Operational Efficiencies

Track and manage inventory operations on-the-go using the mobile app

Mobile Scanner Integration

Mobile scanner integration to make collecting data faster – through Barcodes, QR codes or RFID integration

Automate Workflows, Minimise Errors

Minimise data input errors by automating data capture. Increased accuracy in order picking to fulfil customer orders successfully

Safe and Controlled Inventory Warehouse Environment

Mobile workforce support without compromising security – custom authentication methods with NFC or fingerprint with different hardware selection

Smart Multi-Warehouse Solutions

Supports smart multi-warehouse solutions – centrally managed operation across multiple facilities

Improve Sales and Reduce Costs

Faster inventory turnover improves cash flow and open opportunities for higher sales with quality management system

Better Stock Definition and Accurate Inventory Records

Better stock definition optimises stockholdings to reduce spoilage and obsolescence cost

Reduce Stock-Out Incidents

Reduce stock-outs by avoiding the credibility gap between notional stock available and actual stock available

Comprehensive View of Inventory Movement Patterns

Monitor warehouse/ inventory statistics and performance as a groundwork for continuous improvement and business goal setting

Build a Comprehensive Inventory Dashboard

Record various product variants, categories, and item features for fine grain reports

Advanced Features for Compliance Requirements

Track and manage product batches for compliance and audit purposes. Monitor expiry dates and reduce wastage – reduce risk of selling expired goods

Comprehensive Documentation & Customisable Access Role

Define user roles and access, record change audit logs. Ensure quantity counts are tracked accurately through strict double entry stock movement

Speed up logistic operations and manage your inventory effectively with Qbasis Inventory Management System Software

Inventory Management System Singapore

Keeps information organised, tracked, and documented. Faster data capture and efficient management, minimising errors.

How it works

Take Control of Your Inventory, Boost Efficiency and Eliminate Asset Tracking Errors

Qbasis Inventory Management System eliminates grunt work in inventory management. It’s used to automate and digitise processes as much as possible.

  • Synchronised data with cloud inventory software

  • Manage shelf and bin tracking by shelf for faster access to SKUs

  • Reduce personnel costs by automating warehouse processes – minimise inventory holding costs

Digitalise Workflow, Generate Valuable Insights from Digital Inventory Library

Easy integration and high compatibility with various equipment and platforms. Continuous improvement of advanced features for app integration.

  • Utilise digital e-signatures for compliance purposes

  • Audit log for all records created or changed on the system

  • Utilise analytics for inventory layout reconfiguration

Advanced Data Capture and Management

Use of reliable mobile scanners for faster and more accurate data capture eliminating grunt work and minimising errors.

  • Increase asset visibility and reroute items based on asset tracking

  • Manage and track inventory across multiple locations, virtual locations, partner warehouse or consignment sales

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Focusing on business software solutions, the reason behind Qbasis’ unmatched enterprise architecture has always been to achieve optimal efficiency in every field it was called for. Follow us as we deliver innovative and well-crafted business software solutions toward digitalisation one business at a time.

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