Access Control For Property Managers

Access control is essential for property managers because it allows them to maintain the highest level of security and safety on their premises. Access control can be used to regulate who enters and exits a building, which areas they have access to, and when they are permitted inside.

With adequate access control, property managers can ensure that only authorised personnel with the proper clearance can access specific locations within their facility. As an added bonus, access control also provides a physical barrier between those entering or leaving the premises and those already inside. Keep reading to know more about what access control systems mean for property managers.

Priorities Of Access Control Systems For a Property Manager

Property managers face various challenges when it comes to access control. When it comes to maintaining the proper security of their properties, having the right access control system in place is essential.


For a property manager, access control systems should be prioritised to ensure the security of the property while also ensuring ease of access for those authorised to enter. Security should always come first, as it is paramount that any unwanted individuals are kept out and authorised personnel protected from harm. This can include physical safety measures like locks and CCTV cameras and digital transformation measures such as biometrics or RFID tags.

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Ease of Access

Ease of access follows closely on the heels of security when looking at priorities for an access control system in a property management setting. It’s vital that authorised personnel have quick and easy entry into secure areas.

This could be facilitated by high-quality digital card readers, PIN pads, or automated gates with digital keypads, which provide faster entry than traditional manual locking mechanisms. Keeping track of keys or manually entering combinations isn’t ideal in a modern world where time is precious.

Compatibility With Existing Infrastructure

Choosing an access control system that works seamlessly with any pre-existing hardware, software, or network security solutions you may already have installed on your property is essential. This will ensure smooth operations while eliminating potential conflicts down the line.


Maintenance is also critical when considering an access control system. Will it require frequent preventative maintenance contracts or regular software updates? It’s essential to look at both short-term and long-term operational costs of cloud-based access control before settling on a solution, as this could significantly affect overheads.

Budget and Availability

It is vital to take into account how much one is willing and able to spend on an access control system. Also, find one that fits within the desired budget range while providing adequate coverage for the secured area, e.g., door locks, turnstiles, and parking. Ultimately, finding a balance between cost and quality should be a priority when selecting an access control solution provider or service.

workspace with laptop computer in modern empty office with sunlight.  Facility Management System


Access control integration is necessary for any property manager looking to level up their security game. Plus, it’s an easy win that can improve a customer’s overall experience with your property. For those on the hunt for the absolute best access control system for their properties, the greatest benefit lies in ensuring customer service is at the top of their list.

After all, if people feel safe and secure, they are likely to visit more, stay longer and pay more! Investing in access control systems not only increases safety but also encourages loyalty from customers/renters while establishing a reputation as a trusted provider.

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