No Company is Too Small for Warehouse Management System

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  • Overview

  • Inaccurate product inventory

  • No Supervision for Damaged Items

  • Pickers choosing the wrong inventory

  • No quality control = unsatisfied customers

  • Redundant Processes

Warehouse management system should ensure an accurate product inventory. A business owner has to maintain organized operations to safeguard the business. Setbacks are inevitable in a traditional warehouse management system.

Using an outdated warehouse management system can increase risks on your business. Below are common drawbacks business owners experience:

Inaccurate product inventory

Inaccurate product inventory makes it hard for the business to figure out high seller products. Categorizing products can help decide which must be restocked. In addition, it can help on warehouse layout by determining which stocks should be move closer to the shipping area. Stock levels are maintained incorrectly with inaccurate product inventory.

Multiple Stock Location is a feature that can be integrated to the warehouse system. This feature enables the management of stocks on virtual locations.

Supervision for Damaged Items

Improper handling of damaged items consume the time of pickers. Plus, leaving these damaged items on-site can also impair other items. In addition, broken products become expensive as the value will be deducted on the profit.

With enhanced storage systems, organizing racking and pallet patterns can avoid damages to stocks. Aligning the workflow to modern warehouse management system can also help on handling damaged items properly.

 Picking in Warehouse Managemet System

In a traditional warehouse management system, pickers manually enter SKU’s in order to read the inventory. This takes a lot of time and opens opportunity for mistakes.

Integrating a warehouse management system with a barcode reader helps lessen the risk of human error. This also automates data entry, saving more time. With this, picking orders can be quicker.

Redundant Processes

Picking tickets manually puts a great amount on labor costs. Furthermore, automated warehouse management lessens the time it takes to complete the order processing. It takes care of managing purchase orders and consolidating multiple sales order with a mobile app consolidated pick up list.

Enhance warehouse operations and ensure a smooth run from production up to the consumer by updating your warehouse management system.