The traditional visitor management system is comprised of logbooks or sheets of paper wherein a visitor would write down his/her name, purpose, who they’re there to see and the time. But, what happened if they turned out to be the unwelcome guest and then they create a scene or crime on your vicinity?

It became harder to determine who was not supposed to be there when you have a large and wide building as it swam up of people.

It is a good thing that automated visitor management system (VMS) has a feature that can put unwanted visitors on the side. Watch list, one of VMS features, can identify and prevent access of uninvited guests in a facility. Once the individual who is in the watch list tries to go in on the vicinity, security personnel will immediately be notified. This feature of VMS is valuable whether it was used in the hospital, office setting or at school.

How does VMS watchlisting works at the hospital?

A member of the fraternity was brought in the hospital due to hazing. Later in the afternoon, a man presented his National Registration Identification card for scanning.
However, the system flagged out that he belongs to the system’s watch list whether his visit was a pure act of concern or he is one of the frat members who beat this man to death we will never know.

Nevertheless, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Then, how about in the common company reception areas?

An employee of a competitor company walks in and waited until the receptionist was pre-occupied so he can bypass the registration. He then proceeded on the area of research and development team. He is quite familiar with the facility as he has been there before. The intruder observes and tries to take in anything that may be helpful in their company. Then, he went out without anyone noticing that an employee from another company had already stolen some ideas.

Visitor Management System is also ideal for graduate school.

It can be seen with this scenario, a wife puts a restraining order on his husband as he used to hit her and their children. With this, the husband was also put into the school’s system watch list. So when he tries to log in and picks up his children, he was immediately disdained.

The scenarios above just shown how we can put watch list features in to use. We also see that the immediate benefit of the watch list is to set up a line of defence against the unwanted visitor. The application of this VMS feature is not only limited to the scenarios or situations stated above because it can also be applied to your former employees, sex offenders as well as the other estranged visitors that try to infiltrate your facility.

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