Visitor Management System Offline Mode: No Internet, No Problem

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  • Overview

  • Find out if your VMS is in offline mode

  • Visitors’ registration can still be processed even if in offline mode

  • Offline mode can also be initiated to lessen the network latency

In our day, it seems that everything must be Internet connected to fully utilize its function. Let us take laptop as an example, it will just be a piece of toy when it is disconnected from the Internet. You can only use it to create article, program or play Solitaire. But its utmost purpose, which is for communication will not be utilized.

It is a piece of good fortune that some systems or services now offer an offline mode. Offline mode allows users get the total experience of the system even there is no WiFi or Internet connection.

One of the edges of on-premise visitor management deployment to VMS cloud managed service is its independence to Internet connections. You can exploit all of its system’s features without the connection. But,  this edge was disregarded as the cloud managed service has introduced its offline mode.


How to find out if your VMS is in offline mode?

The device will be considered in offline mode if it is not connected to the network.

It can be verified if the Internet icon has a red mark. Or, you can also use the command line and ping the IP address or host name of your log console, if it states ‘Request time out’, then offline mode was established.

Worry not! Visitors’ registration can still be processed even if the PC, laptop, or IPad got disconnected from the internet,

The same logged in process was followed even at offline mode.

First, visitors enters their information.

Since the information cannot be sent through the server or the log console, it will be temporarily stored on the device. Data will be taken as queued entries because once the connection was established the device would synced up with the log console. All of the queued entries will then be sent on the console.

The date of sign-in will be the same as it was taken and not on the date that it was uploaded.

When the system is in offline-mode, the host will not get any notifications when his guest arrives. But, it will not affect the worth of the system.

Offline mode may only be a go to when there is no Internet or WiFi connections. However, this feature can also be initiated when you wanted to lessen your network latency as data transfers takes up loads of bandwidth. This will advisable when  the  volume of guests arrival is not that massive.

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