Applications and Benefits of Touchless Security Kiosks in Protected Areas

Secure Logistics Control Kiosks for Bulk Manufacturing Companies

Kiosks are excellent additions for providing seamless services and reducing staff costs. Besides, they offer security from any unauthorised use. The additional feature of touchless kiosks can be useful in managing visitors and staff in protected areas as they offer a reliable service while keeping user data safe.

Virtual Access Kiosks

Upgrade Virtual Access Kiosks Using Cloud Asset Management Software

Discover the future of virtual kiosks that are used to provide self-service with touchscreen displays to provide users with access to information, services, or transaction facilities. When a virtual kiosk needs to be upgraded, use cloud asset management software to get regular updates.

self-service kiosk

All About Kiosk Safety: Why Do You Need Premium Kiosk Software?

Kiosks’ premium software is an excellent addition to providing seamless services and reducing additional safety expenses. Besides, they offer security from any unauthorised use. The additional feature of premium kiosk software is customising users’ data and providing safety features. Kiosk premium software lets you work without worrying about the functionality.

Self-Check-In kiosk

Enhance Customer Experience: Self-Service Check-In and Check-Out Kiosks

Experience a new world of self-service kiosks where people are performing self check-in and check-outs. Many leading companies like Amazon, Google, and Walmart have incorporated self-service kiosks to enhance customer experience. Make your operations more efficient and eco-friendly with self-service kiosks. Explore the potential today!

scanning technology RFID reader

5 Reasons Why You Should Use RFID At Events

Are you tired of the chaotic check-ins and long lines at events? RFID technology will improve your attendees’ overall experience and provide valuable data to improve your event for next time. With RFID technology, you can track attendee movement, measure the success of each exhibit, and personalise the event experience.

Facial Recognition Technology Concept As Woman Has Red Grid Projected Onto Face In Studio

How Facial Recognition Works

Several modern digital devices around you already support the technology to scan and recognise fingerprints and facial appearances. Throughout this guide, we’ll focus on the latter and detail how a facial recognition app works.

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