Self-Service Kiosks

Empowering the service industry with reliable and advanced kiosks terminals

Enhancing customer experience through functional self-service kiosk technology tailor-fit for your business

What is a Self Service Kiosk?

Self service kiosk machines are interactive computer terminals providing access to comprehensive information such as queueing, inventory availability, menus, map, and more.

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Kiosk Solution for Various Industries

  • Quick Serve Restaurants

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Entertainment

  • Warehousing Industry

  • Visitor Management System

Key Benefits

With a competent and reliable kiosk solution, enhance the level of customer interaction by providing valuable functionality in every transaction.

Fast Transactions, Shorter Wait Times

Speed up customer transaction with an interactive kiosk machines. Reduce wait times by deploying an automated kiosk terminal.

Decrease Customer Congestion

With faster individual transactions aided by independent kiosk machine, experience orderly queues and eliminate customer congestion in the area.

Higher Average Order Capacity

With automated prompting of service offers, advanced kiosks solution increases the average ticket size by compared to offering promotions manually.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhanced queue ticketing/order management with easy to use interface.

Increase Order Accuracy

Eliminate data entry errors by automating order taking. Only requires minimum steps to complete a transaction.

Personalise Order Customisation

Allows customers to customise their orders conveniently

Advanced Integrations

Faster and accurate data capture of information through mobile scanner integration, magnetic swipe reader, and other advanced integrations

Multi-language Support

Allows multi-language display for kiosks machine

Enhance customer experience through functional self-service kiosks

Self-service Kiosks Singapore – Faster transaction and enhanced customer engagements with independent kiosk machines

How it works

Self Service Kiosks in Restaurants

Faster order-taking, flexible payment option, personalised customer experience, and speedy checkout.

  • Order and pay kiosks

  • Improved order taking accuracy

  • Shorter wait times

Self Service Kiosks in Hospitality Industry

Powerful self service kiosks for hospitality industry that acts as a concierge service

  • For faster dinner reservation bookings

  • Speedy room availability and reservation management

  • Kiosk machines displaying establishment map and information

Self Service Kiosk in Entertainment Industry

Faster ticket queueing, powerful event kiosk displaying helpful information, enhanced customer experience

  • Set stock thresholds – utilize asset management modules in setting company protocols

  • Be able to schedule maintenance and or preventive maintenance

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