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Powerful people counting system for smarter business decisions

Count traffic inside the establishment accurately for smarter business decisions, fast and easy integration

Why do we need to measure people counting data?

People counting data analysis has been proven helpful in measuring traffic trends and identifying opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of a business. Having the foot traffic data of an establishment can help optimise staff labor and management by knowing the peak hours of a business and matching the right number of personnel based on the information.

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Industries & Applications

  • Occupancy Monitoring

  • Shopping Centres & Retail Chain

  • Libraries & Museums

  • Sporting Venues, Events & Exhibitions

  • Banks and Offices

  • University Campuses

  • COVID-19 Compliance

Key Benefits

Qbasis People Counting System and Visitor Traffic Counting software provides a comprehensive solution counting foot traffic inside the establishment. People counting data can be used to measure traffic trends, optimise staff labor, evaluate foot traffic, and for compliance purposes.

Portable, Battery Operated

Wireless, battery operated sensor

Multi-exit/entrance Live Synced Tracking

Assign sensors on multiple exits and entrances

SMS WhatsApp Alerts

Enable SMS or WhatsApp Alerts

High-Accuracy People Detection

Reliable wireless sensors with high accuracy people detection

Real-time Data Connection

Reliable sensors with high accuracy people detection

Multiple Access Points Integration

Centralise management of all access points or multiple counters

Integrated Audible Alarm

Releases sound when detecting a person and when capacity limit of the establishment has been reached

Remote Monitoring

Allows multi-language display for kiosks machine

Multiple Users Setup

Account management for different access levels

Queue Management

Achieve full visibility of current occupancy, setting proper expectations for queue management

Intuitive Web Application

User-friendly web application. Mobile friendly web access

Have full visibility of real-time foot traffic count on your establishment

The actionable insights provided by the system can help in creating smarter business decisions with Qbasis powerful and easy to install people counting sensors to meet your facility’s unique needs.

How it works

Real-Time People Counting

Real-time people counting data recorded, including visitor count and visit duration

  • High-accuracy people detection, IR detection range up to 50 centimetres

  • Flow setup at one single lane in one direction

  • Fast detection, up to 3 per second

Fast and Easy Integration in Business Environment

Fast and easy installation, with compact and sleek sensor enclosure

  • Wireless sensors, can be installed in any heights with flat surfaces

  • Wi-Fi / Hotspot enabled

  • WhatsApp integration

  • Bluetooth version with configuration app (coming soon)

Calculate Conversion Rates Efficiently and Effectively

Benchmarking for setting business metrics. Optimise traffic, personnel, and marketing strategies and determine unrealised sales potential

  • Automated trend analysis and data export

  • Activity logs recorded, database built-in or in the cloud

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Focusing on business software solutions, the reason behind Qbasis’ unmatched enterprise architecture has always been to achieve optimal efficiency in every field it was called for. Follow us as we deliver innovative and well-crafted business software solutions toward digitalisation one business at a time.

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