Benefits Of Asset Tracking In Recycling And Waste Management

Asset tracking is an essential tool when it comes to recycling and waste management. It enables organisations to manage their resources effectively and efficiently. Different asset tracking solutions help track and manage their physical assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and containers.

An asset tracking system can be particularly beneficial when complex logistics and operations are involved in managing and processing waste materials. With the help of asset tracking, companies may keep track of their assets in real time, which can help to improve facilities management. Keep reading further to find out more about how to manage company assets.

What Is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking solutions refer to monitoring and managing physical assets such as equipment, vehicles, inventory, and tools throughout their lifecycle. This involves using technology such as GPS, RFID, and barcodes to collect real-time data on the location, condition, and status of assets. All this data may be added to cloud storage for easy access.

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Asset tracking can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity. It enables businesses to track the movement of assets, manage inventory levels, and prevent loss or theft. It can also help with maintenance and repair schedules and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Additionally, with asset tracking, companies are able to comply with regulatory requirements, such as tracking hazardous waste, and improve their reporting and accountability. Overall, asset tracking is a valuable tool for recycling and waste management organisations looking to improve their operations and enhance sustainability.

How Asset Tracking Benefits Recycling and Waste Management

Asset tracking can provide several benefits to the recycling and waste management industry. With the help of asset tracking solutions, an organisation may optimise its day-to-day tasks and resources.

Accurate Waste Volumes

Waste management companies can track the volume and type of waste generated, collected, and processed by implementing asset tracking solutions. This allows them to accurately measure waste volumes, identify trends, and make informed decisions about waste management strategies. As another benefit, they may help reduce waste and schedule waste management.

Improved Recycling Prospects

Asset tracking solutions can improve the quality and quantity of recyclable materials recovered from waste streams. Recycling companies can identify and recover materials that would otherwise be lost in a landfill by tracking the disposal of materials. This may increase the amount of material that is diverted from landfill and recycled, leading to a more sustainable waste management system.

Secure Destruction Reports

Reports for sensitive materials can be secure with proper tracking management. This is particularly crucial in industries such as healthcare and finance, where sensitive documents must be securely destroyed to protect confidential information. By tracking the destruction of these materials, waste management companies may provide clients with secure destruction reports for compliance purposes.

Reduction in Harmful Emissions

An organisation may track vehicle usage to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, companies can identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste processing by tracking waste volumes and diversion rates.

Implementing Asset Tracking In Waste Management

Here are some ways you may implement asset tracking in waste management. You may use digital mobile access control to manage most asset tracking solutions.

Identify and record waste assets

This can help keep track of the various types of waste going in and out of the facility. Using digital mobile access control makes identifying and tracking the asset easier. Ask different departments to make waste reports and track the disposal routes.

Add a tracking system to the waste

It can follow the waste as it moves from one area to another. This allows the facility to monitor the waste’s path and identify potential problems. Besides, something won’t end up where it isn’t supposed to be with the help of the right tracking system. Use bar codes, GPS, and RFID to track location.

Bin inventory

Have a designated team for bin inventory to check the contents and if the system is in order. By tracking each bin’s location, usage, and maintenance, facilities can ensure that they have the appropriate number of bins in suitable locations that are being used efficiently.

Maintenance schedules

Regular maintenance schedules are necessary to manage the waste correctly. This helps to reduce the risk of any potential contamination or damage. Moreover, asset tracking can be used to monitor the maintenance needs of waste management equipment, such as trucks and compactors.

Facilities can ensure that equipment is adequately maintained by tracking usage and maintenance schedules. This, in turn, prevents breakdowns that could lead to downtime and increased costs.

Reuse and recycle

Reusing and recycling as much waste as possible can help to reduce the amount of waste that may need to be disposed of. This also helps the facility to save money by reducing its disposal costs. Learn where you may be able to reuse particular waste and recycle the rest.

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Short Summary

Asset tracking solutions in waste management are a vital part of ensuring you are running a successful and efficient business. Implementing a tracking system can help your business save money, improve safety, and streamline operations.

Use an easy configuration software for asset tracking in recycling and waste management. Doing this will help your business in the long run and ensure you are running a smooth and organised operation.

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