Visitor Management System Eliminates Front Desk Problems

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  • Overview

  • Digital process from check-in to check-out- is streamlined

  • Faster generation of reports

  • Eliminates gaps in security

For how many times have you encountered being in a fancy office front desk and they handed you a logbook? And there you are, turning pages to pages and hurriedly scribbling your personal information. You are required to hand over your ID and you will be asked to wait for your visitor’s pass. While you are there sitting, staring at the clock, and figuring out how long will it take more before you can successfully come in.

Once the receptionist validated your information, finally you have now the go-signal.
This isn’t an economical way of dealing with visitors and guests. Becoming dependent on how quick a receptionist’s affirmation to visitor’s data.
It consumes time, energy and patience, indeed a tedious process. Many opportunities for breakdown and a de-railed meeting might be the worst one, which we don’t want to happen.

The front desk serves first-impressions for every visitor. And if the process in the first place already failed, this will be a domino effect. From the visitor’s entrance to the visitor’s appointment and down to his/her check-outs.

Don’t worry, here’s a better way.

Today’s Visitor Management solution, a robust and user-friendly platform that takes all of the hassles and makes visitor management at ease. Various integrations can be done to reduce the time spent on entering data.

Google Calendar is one of the most useful integrations in this type of platform. Imagine, a room booking or meeting system working hand in hand together with the VMS. Would you still prefer the old way of dealing with guests?

A visitor management system automatically take-in-charge of guest registrations, guest logging, professional printing of guest passes and labels, scanning and capturing legal documents such as ID and passport, freeing up time and resources at the front desk.

Not to mention, it offers a modern and digital approach, smooth without hitches and improves visitors experience. Let the automated reception do the move.

Usual struggles in the Front Desk that Visitor Management was able to beat up.

Bad First Impression of your Office

Instead of walking towards that old logbook, automated visitor management will change the typical day of your guest. They can check-in through their smartphones or through the Kiosks and touchscreens deployed in your lobby area.
With visitors badge, they can tap it and come in easily, who would have thought that it will be this convenient. Your visitors are impressed, and your company marked a great experience for them.
The digital process- from check-in to check-out- is streamlined, organized, quicker and user-friendly.

Unsecured facilities and areas

The main reason why are we having this kind of platform is, of course, the security. Could you imagine what might happen if an emergency occurs, and you are still using the paper-type of visitor management? And you need to do head counts and checking of visitors and staff who are still inside. What you do of course is to search for that log-book. Manually search for their names, will decipher their handwriting and figure out how accurate that every check-outs are recorded. For sure, you don’t have enough time for that kind of situations and you will admit that security was compromised. Good thing that VMS already resolved these dilemmas. It can automatically generate real-time reports, headcounts, and emergency roll calls. Visitors can walk in that hallway feeling safe and secured.

And this is just the beginning of many more. Happiness and morale all round can be achieved in making processes easier and convenient. Truly save time, resources, and money.

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