Importance of Today’s Hospital Visitor Management System

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  • Overview

  • Protection for babies against estranged family members

  • Protection against someone who wanted to cause harm

  • Restriction to enter  the room of patients with critical illnesses

The main goal of hospitals is to keep its staff, patients or visitors away from harm.
While this goal is not only limited to hospitals (factories, schools, office buildings, and other sites all want to keep their personnel safe too), safety and security are taken particularly seriously at healthcare facilities. Visitor security is very important for hospital establishments.

There are a lot of situations in this facility that calls for hospital visitor management system.

We all know that the common deployment of visitor management is in entry points. But, VMS doesn’t need to be limited in the lobby area only.
It is because in hospitals where there are different areas of services and facilities, the guest doesn’t stay in the lobby most of the time. Deploying VMS on such areas will help optimize and tune-in the VMS process throughout.

To add an extra layer of security, check out and consider these sites below:

1.VMS for Maternity Departments

Delivery rooms are considered special place. In here, you can see everyone welcoming the newest member of the family.

There are stories of security breaches in their Maternity Departments: estranged partners or family members attempt to gain entry to the area, or a stranger tries to go see the babies and pretend to be one of the members of the family.

These type of nefarious activities will be eliminated through the help of Visitor Management System. Finally, safety and security take place most of the time.

2. VMS for Emergency Departments

Here, doctors and nurses provide essential care and saving lives on a daily basis.

Emergency departments undeniably deal with emotional and hysterical visitors who are there looking after for their loved ones.

Some security breaches happen also, as we are all aware of this. Where there are people who try to sneak in an attempt to harm the patient.

Visitor Management System resolved this kind of instance, were in fact, it ensures that no unauthorized individual does not gain access to this vital area of the facility.

3. VMS for Intensive Care Units

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is the place where patients are often in risky position, making it more necessary to keep them in a secure and stable environment.

Deploying a Visitor Management system in the ICU helps to guarantee the stability of the unit.
The system can help unwanted guests out and keeps the patient at ease and lessen their stress.

Also one of the smart features could be, the system will ask the guests about potential illness during sign-in. Prevention from transmissible disease or cold from entering the ICU.

This is a win-win situation for the hospital and for the patients, more importantly.

Imagine having this type of system in all of the hospitals or the medical industry today. Patients and staff would be feel knowing that they are protected from estranged guests. Less hassle, stress, emotional barriers, and simple chaos.

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