Maximising your VMS Potential with Different App Integrations

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  • Overview

  • Messaging suite

  • Taxi service apps

  • Slack

  • Google sheets

  • SMS

  • Watch list

Digital Visitor Management System (VMS) is supple enough to be integrated with other company’s existing productivity application. To have a full experience of your VMS, here are the 6 apps integration that will make your life easier and awe-struck your visitor.

Messaging or Email Suite

Google and Microsoft suites are one of the featured apps which can be integrated with Visitor Management System. Google has Gmail for messaging app and calendar while Microsoft has Outlook. When these apps are integrated with Visitor Management System, hosts will be able to schedule visitor appointments and visitors pre-registration.

In addition, host can send meeting invitation by sending calendar invites.

Taxi Service Apps

Car booking apps such as Uber, Ryde or Kardi allows the host to book a taxi for their visitors.


Host will receive push notification upon his guest arrival and they can also send instructions to the receptionist.

Google Sheets

Instead of exporting data from your VMS web dashboard by date range, data can just be automatically be added on the Google Spreadsheet. New collected information from visitors will be synced on the spreadsheet.


No internet connections? No worries. Host can still be notified even without network connections by receiving SMS.

Watch Lists

Visitors who recently checked in will be matched up to the company’s internal blacklist. It can also be compared to the government’s blacklist. Watch lists integration keeps your organization safe from intruders with wicked motives.

These are some of the few applications that you can integrate with your Visitor Management System. With these, VMS improves not only the organizations efficiency but the security as well.

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