How Upgrading a School’s Visitor Management System Can Enhance Campus Security?

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  • Overview

  • Knowledge is power – Identify your visitors

  • Direct proportionality of productivity and security

  • Say YES to positive campus environment

In a fast-paced world of classroom technology and innovative approaches to school, safety and security continue to grow across our nation’s school systems. Making it easier for school administrators to strategize and micro-manage education and security plans.

Schools have different ways of promoting the safety of students, faculty, and staff. The conventional way, such as monitoring the entrance and exit points, the use of metal detectors, manual checking, and deployment of the security camera, are also intended to limit or control access to school campuses. And not only to restrict students’ and visitors’ actions on campus.

Balancing the Act of Education and Safety

Some schools today already utilized visitor management systems. These can be effective in maintaining a daily record of visitors to a school or facility. The system has one of the features that allow checking of visitor’s ID and print a visitor pass or badge with the captured photo.

Visitor management systems provide the most optimized school entrance security while promoting real-time data reporting and notifications via SMS or e-mail.

Now, let us know the main reasons why a Visitor Management System is the key to campus’ long-term success for safety.

Reason #1: Knowledge is Power – Identify Your Visitors

Visitor Management Systems provide a professional look and serves as a serious message to unwanted guests that your school has a strong intervention strategy taking in place. Through visitor management kiosks or tablets, the Visitor Management System awards you and your staff the ability to:

  • Automatically capture photo and populate data into a visitor record
  • Automate late entries and early dismissals
  • Have a faster guest’s distinctions and identifications
  • Track guests inside the facility

Would it be easier and convenient to just browse and search for the list of visitors that came in today? With one click away, you can generate reports.

A lot of integrations can be done with the Visitor Management System. Depending on what type of solution and system you are looking for.

Reason #2: Direct Proportionality of Productivity and Security

Visitor Management Systems provides ease in generating accurate reports. Since in universities, every information must be well documented.
What do you think the consequences, when the Security personnel lost his handed data without backups?

The liability for any incidents and accidents that might happen will be dependent on the data he had lost that day.

For today’s centralized data-collection, Visitor Management Systems offer real-time data that Security staff and personnel can track and access to.

No more manual counting for the total of visitors each day and time-consuming way of doing reports for log-ins and log-outs.

As your staff’s productivity increases, the security of the campus also increases.

Reason #3: Must Say YES to Positive Campus Environment

The visibility of kiosks, tablets or desktop visitor management system encourages the students and staff to feel at ease and secure.

Why? Simply because they have the assurance that people who come in and out are being well tracked and monitored. You are confident enough that in case of emergencies authorized personnel can look up to the stored data.

There are features in the Visitor Management System such as real-time headcount on-site, emergency blast to alert for evacuation, and emergency roll call reports. With these, the increase in students’ and visitor’s safety is guaranteed.

“A safe school environment is a prerequisite for student learning.
Studies show that when students feel unsafe at school, they are more likely to engage in risky behaviors and there is a negative effect on their test scores. ” 
-YouthTruth Survey

With Visitor Management System, everyone’s security at campus will not be compromised. Digitizing way of assuring that when he or she comes in and comes out, it is being counted.

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