Smart Solutions, Simple Setup: Your Guide to Quick and Easy Smart Locker Installation

The need for smart lockers has grown, particularly as businesses resume operations after the COVID-19 outbreak. Modern workplaces are becoming more adaptable, and businesses are putting greater emphasis on enhancing the employee experience.

If the workplace is flexible and there isn’t permanent desk storage, employees need personal storage. The only option is quick and simple locker allocation and management.

We’ll go through how to build a smart locker system in this guide. But before that, let’s rewind and know what a smart locker system is and why it came into place. Let’s begin.

What are Smart Lockers?

Innovative smart lockers that are focused on the user experience and simplicity of management are progressively replacing conventional manual lockers. To understand this in-depth, you need to understand what smart lockers are.

Smart lockers are safe storage areas that use technology to automate and streamline locker operations. Although there are many other kinds of smart lockers available, hot lockers, asset management lockers, parcel lockers, and employee lockers are the most popular models.

By automating and improving the locker user experience, smart locker technology offers a secure storage area that is always accessible while using less money and space.

Employee lockers, parcel lockers, and asset lockers are the most popular types of smart lockers. The brand-new smart locker systems can complete all tasks and workflows simultaneously.

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Uses of Smart Locker System

Now that you know everything about what a smart locker is, lets focus on how this technology is used in modern retail lockers:

  • Click and pick up retail lockers
  • Lockers at the pharmacy for convenient medication pickup
  • Apartment lockers and parcel lockers
  • Storage for employees’ personal items
  • IT teams managing their assets
  • loss avoidance

How to Install a Smart Locker

Moving further ahead here is the efficient way of installing a smart locker for your convenience. Follow the steps written below to install a smart locker properly and enjoy the benefit of smart locker service:

Step 1 – Choose the Right Location

The first and foremost step for you to follow is to choose an appropriate location for the smart locker installation. The best way to find the perfect location is to keep in mind that the smart locker must be accessible to both delivery personnel and yourself. It must be placed in spacious parameters closer to the power supply. It would be better to place it within the view of security cameras.

Step 2 – Assemble Your Tools and Materials

Once you are comfortable with the place and are about to begin the installation process, gather the necessary tools and materials. Get yourself a tool kit that has a locker unit, electronic components, and necessary hardware.

You must also have other basic tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and a level. Depending on what type of wall or place you have chosen, it may be best to have anchors and screws in place before you begin the process.

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Step 3 – Prepare the Installation Site

When you are all set with the perfect location and the raw material to install the smart locker system, it’s time to clear and clean the area. Remove any dirt marks or objects that may be coming in the way of installation. You may use the measuring tape to mark the points precise to the size of the smart locker.

Step 4 – Install the Locker

Let’s begin the installation process now that everything is set. However, just to remind you, the installation process depends on the locker model you have bought. So, to go in with proper installation, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Begin by securely attaching the locker unit to the wall and levelling it straight. After that, set up the electronics, and boom, it is ready to use. But please test it before you are ready for others to benefit from smart locker management.

Final words

The way we store our personal stuff has radically altered thanks to smart locker technologies. For the most part, credit goes to the way lockers have evolved from the conventional “lock on a box” storage solution to a smart, intuitive experience. Now our personal belongings are safer than ever. All you have to do is type in a digital sequence and the locker is safely closed.

The smart locker system has been entirely digitised, replacing the once-heavy manual operations that frequently disrupted receiving workflows. They are now entirely controlled by automation, which also generates data reports for users who want to see how their lockers are being utilised.

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