Facial Recognition Technology: Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition


  • Advantages of Facial Recognition
  • Disadvantages of Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is a popular biometric system. It is commonly used to match a human face with a digital image available on a larger database. This technology has continuously been developed over the years, starting in the 1960s. Now, faces can be detected from a crowd or in a video even if they are far away. This can be very useful when you want to confirm the identity of a person. There are also different approaches to how this technology works. 

In this article, we will focus on the pros and cons of using facial recognition. 

Advantages of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition has become very popular because of all the advantages it can offer. Here are the top reasons why you should also think about integrating it into your system.

Safety and Security 

Facial recognition can increase the safety and security of your company. With this biometric feature, you will be able to identify everyone who enters and leaves the building. Some software can also send an alert when banned or unwanted guest attempts to enter the premises. Most airports are adding this technology to their security. Small business owners are also installing them. Studies show that people are less likely to commit a crime when they know they are being watched. 


Adopting this into your system also makes the registration of guests faster. This alternative only takes a few seconds compared to manual registration. It also lowers the chances of information error. It is also seamlessly integrated into any company’s security system, especially if you are already using a Visitor Management System (VMS). Additionally, facial recognition can make checking out easier. Some companies or businesses use this feature so customers and clients don’t have to bring out their cards. 


Facial recognition is a safer option because it does not require close contact. It can work even at a distance. During a pandemic or disease, this is especially important since you can lessen the contact between people. This is easier to use compared to a fingerprint or retinal scanner. You don’t have to go closer to the device. You can also add a feature that allows the system to record temperatures.

Disadvantages of Facial Recognition Technology

Like many other innovations in technology, there have been problems with this biometric feature. Developers continue to improve the technology to make it safer and more accurate. 

Data and Privacy

People are afraid that facial recognition technology can violate their privacy.  They are also afraid that it can track them without their knowledge. However, this is not the goal of this biometric feature. It is put in place to make people feel more secure instead of afraid. There is also the slight possibility that data stored in the system can be accessed; however, companies and developers have all worked constantly to improve the security of data. 


Facial recognition struggles to identify people who have changed their appearance. In addition, the software has been known to misidentify people of colour. These were some of the first problems faced by this type of technology. Changes have been made over the years to improve on these mistakes. Now, even a person’s earlobe can be used to identify them. Facial recognition technology can now be tailor-fit to the needs of your company. 

Data Storage

Installing facial recognition also requires space to store data. The software stores and retrieves lots of data to get results. This would mean having massive data sets available for the system. With countless digital images needed in order to match the face of the person to the one in the system, it would be better to have a lot of storage available for the system to work faster. 

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